3 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Wonder Woman in Business

If there’s one iconic symbol of feminine power that most businesswomen can relate to, it’s Wonder Woman. Not only is she strong, perseverant and determined to make a positive mark on the world, but she also embodies other qualities that make her a true role model to all of us. To inspire you to follow your dreams, believe in yourself and use your entrepreneurial abilities to make things happen, here are three powerful ways to unleash your inner Wonder Woman in business.

1. Strength

To start with, the first quality that comes to mind when we think of Wonder Woman is her incredible strength. Much like female entrepreneurs, strength is something we develop, especially when we’re faced with challenges, difficulties and failures. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak-willed or the easily intimidated. From overcoming hurdles and setbacks to facing rejections, nay-sayers and competitors, strength is one of the most important qualities that any female entrepreneur must develop if she wants to be successful.

But, strength does not equate to coldness, a mean-spirited nature or even being a b*tch. As a matter of fact, being strong means knowing how to effectively communicate in a way that people respect you. It also means asserting your boundaries when necessary. Unfortunately, many people in business think that “being strong” means being rude or callous. In truth, that’s counterproductive, as it leads to toxic workplaces and disgruntled colleagues or employees. So, as you’re developing your strength, just imagine embodying the type of power that Wonder Woman exudes.

2. Honesty

Secondly, another quality that Wonder Woman exhibits is honesty. With her magical “Lasso of Truth,” she draws out the truth from all those who try to conceal it. Well, in my opinion, this value is one that should be honored more in business. While there will always be con artists, scammers and liars in business, the truth is — honesty is generally the best policy. Now, I’m not saying you need to reveal all or over-share (especially in negotiations or business deals). But the truth goes a long way in building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. And, in today’s times, more often than not, the truth often comes to the surface.

Think of all the embarrassing situations that notable business leaders and even celebrities have found themselves in by lying (especially when the “ugly truth” gets exposed online). That said — you’re better off showing your integrity if you hope to build quality relationships with people. They’ll always remember who they can trust and rely on when push comes to shove.

3. Compassion

Finally, the third quality that Wonder Woman possesses is her ability to express compassion. While we’re all in business to make money and fulfill a mission, the bottom line is — business is personal, contrary to outdated phrases we’ve all heard. Whenever you deal with others (whether they be business partners, employees or even people in your supply chain), always remember that people are just humans, and they’re usually doing the best that they can. A quote I often remind myself of when encountering a difficult person is “If you knew everything about everyone, you’d forgive everyone for everything.”

Now, I’m not saying to dismiss bad behavior or inappropriate conduct. What I’m saying is that you might not realize what someone is experiencing beyond their job (e.g., a personal problem at home, mental health issues or other psychological stressors). So, that’s why taking a kind, compassionate approach to dealing with people will go a long way. Again, your aim should be to reach your goals while building relationships that help all involved parties win and succeed.

Incorporating these three honorable values into your business dealings will not only make for more harmonious workplaces, but will also lead to better relationships and a more enjoyable experience. The next time you head into a boardroom or a business deal, imagine that you embody the strength, honesty and compassion of Wonder Woman. These three personal qualities (combined with your intelligence and passion to succeed) will make you truly unstoppable.

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