Demi Lovato interview: I’m in a really good place now

Demi Lovato on embracing her roots with a new sound, being in a “happy place”

30-year-old pop star Demi Lovato is “in a really good place.” and said making her ‘Holy Fvck’ album put her more in line with the emo music she loved as a teen.

The skyscraper singer struggled with addiction in the years that followed her rise to fame as a child star on the Disney Channel and went on to adopt an emo image in her music but has been sober for over a year now and joked that she has “no idea” what she is going to write about on her next album because she is “so happy.”

Speaking recently  she shared: “I definitely am in a really good place. I don’t know what I’m going to write about on my next album because I’m so happy. It is a really good feeling, but I don’t know what I’m going to do. A bunch of sappy love songs for sure!”

She added: “I’ve really figured out who I am, and I say that a lot every time I get older but I’ve never felt so sure of myself and grounded. Staying true to who I am, growing and finding my own voice was really important to me, Now I understand that I am in control of my life, I make my own decisions and I am my own boss.”, previously admitted that she is now “in control” of her life since her tumultuous years and recently hinted that she would like to start a family.

“My bucket list doesn’t include things like jumping out of a plane because I’ve already done that and as I get older, I get more terrified of things so I will not be doing that again but things like having a family is really important to me. That’s the substance of life.”

Demi Lovato recently wore a billowing sheer cover-up and high slung skirt as she makes a glamorous appearance at the Hugo Boss fashion show in Florida.

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