Here’s What Other Music Artists Have Said About Working With Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one of the world’s biggest pop stars and some of her greatest hits are cross-generational and undeniably catchy. She has worked with many talented musicians throughout her career, with some successful collaborations, and others that did not go according to plan.

Among the big names who have worked with Perry, some have sung her praises and stated that the process was enjoyable, but others have been quick to criticize her, or her team, for the way that things turned out. Katy even feuded with Taylor Swift after a rumored collaboration. There is no denying that Perry knows what she wants, and her music is important to her, and below are some of the things that other artists have said about what it is like working with her.

8 Sia And Katy Perry’s Collaboration Had A Rocky Start

A collaboration between Katy Perry and Sia seems like it would be a match made in heaven, but there was a lot to be desired, at least initially. Sia spoke about the experience of writing a song with Perry, describing her as “quite dominant, and she’s extremely analytical.”

She added, “I actually quit within the first hour of our first session.” Despite writing in “such entirely different ways” the pair managed to come together to produce something they were proud of.

7 Alesso Is A Big Katy Perry Fan

Perry collaborated with Alesso on the song, “When I’m Gone”. It has done exceptionally well and Alesso spoke about their partnership “I always wanted to work with her for a long time. So the opportunity came to present the song to her, and luckily she liked it. She nailed it. She crushed it and I have always been a big fan of her but even more of a big fan when she does dance records…”

6 Rivers Cuomo Was Thrilled To Be Working With Her

Katy Perry has had many memorable collaborations throughout her career, including some unexpected ones, like Rivers Cuomo. Cuomo is the frontman of the American rock band Weezer and in a 2009 interview, he expressed his excitement at having the chance to work with Perry. “We’re writing together next week,” he said, adding, “Can’t wait.”

5 Noah Cyrus Thought Katy Perry Was A ‘Sweetheart’

Noah Cyrus got a big break in 2017 (even though some assumed she only became famous because of Miley) when she was the opening act for Katy Perry’s Witness Tour. The experience of working with Perry did not disappoint and Cyrus has “loved” her since she was a child.,

“I’ve always looked up to her and she’s such a sweetheart. I feel like I’m not going on the road with a complete stranger, so I’m not going to be quite so nervous and scared.”

4 Thomas Rhett And Katy Perry Bonded Over Their Children

In another unlikely partnership, Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry collaborated on the track “Where We Started” and stated that it was their love of their children that bonded them. “We literally talked about our kids the entire time,” Rhett said, according to Outsider.

“How we’re raising ’em and what we’re feeding ’em…” In a press release, he also commented on how it was working with Perry, stating, “Her input has made the whole experience really special for me.”

3 Charlie Puth And Katy Perry Had A Unique Process

Charlie Puth helped write and produce Katy Perry’s songs, “Small Talk” and “Harleys in Hawaii”. He is an extremely talented individual and spoke about what the unique creative process of working with Perry involves, specifically how she gave him the title of the song, “Harleys in Hawaii”. and he created the track around it. “I had never been given a title before a song has been made,” he said.

2 Calvin Harris Dropped Out Of Working With Katy Perry

In 2011, Calvin Harris was set to work on Katy Perry’s California Dreams Tour, and fans were excited. However, the collaboration did not go according to plan, with Harris making a public statement on Twitter (via Nicki Swift) saying he had to drop out because her team “suddenly moved the goalposts.”

Perry was unimpressed with the comment, and responded by writing “…it’s fine, I’m used to you canceling on me, it’s become ur [sic] staple!

1 Dua Lipa Got Super Excited On Work With Katy Perry

In 2019, Dua Lipa and Katy Perry performed at a show in Mumbai, and the experience was memorable. Dua Lipa took to social media to mark the occasion with a series of photos.

She shared her thoughts on what it was like performing alongside Perry, telling fans it had her “fizzing with excitement.” Lipa also wrote how the moment transported her back in time to when she was 15 years old and attended her first Katy Perry show.

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