Only The Young Interview


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Only The Young are a super charged pop group ready to take on the world… Mikey, Betsy, Charlie & Parisa are the cheeky, fresh faced foursome who bring youth, fun, energy, charisma & tongue n’ cheek to a whole new level. With their infectious sound and up beat vibe, they are the ones to watch this year. Currently on this year’s ‘The X Factor’.

Only The Young Interview

Inbetween their busy schedule, they caught up with our editor Mark Boardman for an exclusive interview.

Here are MarkMeets, we have spotted a lot of talent very early on, though at what point did you think you would make it into the spotlight? For us, being in the band has always been in the hope of making a career out of it, but we know that it doesn’t happen for everyone! We wanted to bring something different to the industry and worked really hard in proving that we could make a stamp! We’re really grateful that we’re on a such such as The X Factor so that more people can see what we’re about!
You have been hugely popular online, specifially twitter since 2012, how is the biggest social media buff? We all absolutely love twitter and think it’s such a great way to interact and chat with our amazing fans (Youngsters) It’s wicked that we can be so personal with them.

What are you most scared off?

Charlie: Pineapples!!!

Biggest celebrity crush?

Collectively… Keith Lemon.

 Mikey, Parisa, Betsy & Charlie

Mikey, Parisa, Betsy & Charlie

How do you prepare before going on stage?

We all do this thing where we stand in a circle and sing the lyrics from one of our originals… It’s become a ritual.

Between you all, Mikey, Parisa, Betsy & Charlie, who takes longest to get ready?

Probably Parisa, we’re always waiting for her!

What interests do you all have outside of music?

We really love going to the cinema and watching tv series all together, as really takes your mind off of things that are happening in the real world.

Which celebs have you recently met and what advise did they give you?

Well most recently we’ve obviously met the X Factor judges and they’ve all individually given us advice… Louis always tells us to do things that make us happy.

Describe each X factor judge in one word.. Simon – BOSS Cheryl – Stunning Mel B – Feisty Louis – BAE

What can we expect from you in 2015?

Big hits!! 🙂


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