Deadpool movie expected to deliver at the box office


Game description:

After getting cancer is most of his vital organs Wade Wilson is pretty screwed up.

So when he is offered the opportunity to be the test subject of a radical new Weapon X program Wilson agrees so that he can help others, his only condition is that the super suit is not green or animated.


If you do not know about this film then let me introduce you to what I consider to be, what I predict will be, the best film of the year. I don’t mean that it will be the highest grossing film but it will be gross!

Filled with violence, aggression and a story line as morbid as any terminal film, “Skull Poop L” is everything that the ‘accidentally released test footage’ promised and more. I can watch this trailer again and again and if the feature contains half the jokes that we see from the snippets I will love it. To give you an idea of the content the Deadpool film has been denied release in China due to the Graphical Violence!

If this character sounds vaguely familiar then you are right, Deadpool was in X-men Origins played by Ryan Reynolds! Unfortunately they destroyed him so much that the later X-men films have tried to re-write those story lines out.

Reynolds himself has expressed how glad he is to reprise his role as the merk with a mouth even drawing references to one episode that mentions him by name.

Deadpool is due to be released in the UK this February and it is not one to miss!

Review by Chuckie

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