Coffin Nails Designs Everyone Is Talking About

Regular nail bar goers may not know about this less traditional nail shape. It was first introduced in the 1980s but has been around for quite a while. These are coffin nails. Their name might sound weird, but trust us, they’re high quality and completely stylish!

Nail styles are always in vogue, and a lot of people like to air this trend out with their nails. If you want unique nail art that can go with many occasions, coffin nails are your best bet. These clippings are so on trend! If you’re sick of the standard round and square nails, let your creative juices flow with these coffin nails. And not to worry because you can style them any way you like! These nudes are another look that mixes up your traditional nail colors and designs.

1. Coffin Acrylic Nail Design

Yep! There are plenty of ways to style your nails to look classic, modern, and even glamorous. How about these simply-painted chic acrylic nails that go great with any outfit? Wear white or a light, unpoured color and accessorize with a diamond ring you love. This simple outfit is always chic.

2. Short Coffin Nail Art 

Who says that coffin nails only look good on long nails? Sometimes you may want a shorter one and there are many different styles of short nails, so try out any style you like! You can choose how you want to look with your nails, whether you go for cute or razor-sharp claws. Simply apply a color that matches your skin tone and coat the tips of your fingers with gold dust.

3. Coffin Ombre Nail Style 

For some, it can be a bit tricky to know what color coffin ombre nails look best. They often vary according to your mood and the outfit you’re wearing that day. It’s best to do ombre nails after the lighter color or shade is on top, and then continue the process with the darker color at the bottom. Safe options might include combining two colors, like stark white nails with a peach tone in the long tips.

4. French Tip Coffin Nail Pattern 

French tips look classy and finished–you can easily upgrade with polished black tip polish. Plus, get these light, neon green tips on nude nails. They’re subtle but modern.

5. Summer Coffin Nails 

When summer approaches, you are likely to make plans for outdoor activities and events. It seems like nails with the right colors can really bring a summertime vibe to your outfit! You can enjoy your coffin nails without them being too overbearing with this minimal, slanted-line design and the colors of summer like yellow, orange, and hot pin.

Black is the perfect color for any woman who loves edgy but chic looks! Black nails are chic and sophisticated at the same time. They exude an air of being fashionable. These coffin nails make any outfit pop! They look best on ladies who go to night parties and have fun under a disco ball.

7. Long Coffin Nail Art 

Nail arts with long nails are great for devoted coffin-nails lovers. Trying other nail styles can be a great idea, but long nails also make your designs more striking and edgy. If you’re in need of some bling for your long nails, you could do so by getting rhinestones for the fingernails and then applying the glitters. You can also customize this to fit multiple fingers or a full nail.

8. White Coffin Nails with Design 

Our nail company recently created these breathtaking white coffin nails, and they are ready to elevate your style. Exciting nail designs allow you to get creative and experiment with various paint colors. You may start off with a few plain white nails and then add a couple more with glitter swirl designs and some crushed crystals. Talk about warp!

10. Spring Coffin Nail Style 

Springtime is a time of beauty, but it can often be hard to find time for yourself. The best way to keep your hands looking charming and luscious during this beautiful season is by painting them the prettiest shades of lilac and blue-green. Remember, magic isn’t always safe, so don’t be afraid to go big with a whole lot of glitter on your shoes or package. Don’t forget the flowers!

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