Entertainment Based on Virtual Reality

The desire to be in a different place and to experience new emotions makes virtual reality so popular. To create the illusion, you need expensive equipment. That is why there is no virtual reality equipment in every home yet. However, large entertainment companies are increasingly incorporating new technologies. 

There are several ways to apply Virtual Reality: 

  • In the cinemas: the so-called 5D movie in a small room equipped with modern technology. 
  • In online casinos: players with VR equipment sit down at a real gaming table in another part of the world connecting through the live casino lobby. 
  • In computer games: developers create an original virtual world that players with VR glasses or helmets can connect to. 

Equipment that Helps to Create an Illusion 

To change the picture of the real world, developers use a huge number of different equipment. But the main device is special glasses. It’s because visual perception is the main aspect of moving in time and space. 

Unfortunately, new technologies are still expensive, so not everyone can buy these glasses. Another disadvantage is the large weight of the equipment. With all the desire to wear it for a long time, it’s just tiring. 

But, for the greatest sensation of being in another world, only a visual picture is not enough. Sounds, the feeling of movement in space, and tactile sensations play an important role. 

Good headphones produce stereo sound. Special chairs that change position depending on the scenario help achieve other effects. 

For the full sensation, modern cinema install additional equipment. It creates wind, rain, lowers or raises the temperature of the air, makes you feel this or that smell. Good ventilation affects the smelling sense. This quickly eliminates one odor and replaces it with another. 

Equipment for Virtual Reality Cinema

Nowadays, cinemas are consumers of the most expensive and modern equipment. Their distinguishing feature is only a few seats. Each visitor must sit in a special chair with a helmet and glasses on his/her head. And the chairs are located in such places that everyone can feel the splash of the waves, the hurricane, and so on. 

New VR opportunities attract people a lot, but the high price doesn’t allow them to spread quickly. 

Equipment for Online Casino with Virtual Reality 

Special programs and devices support the new VR technology in gambling. The online casino player in a VR helmet has the feeling of sitting at a table in Vegas. The visitor simply selects a live casino game with the possibility of virtual reality, connects and plays in the VR space of the game.

The technology is just in the developing stages, but already in great demand. However, it takes time to refine the equipment and reduce its cost. 

Equipment for Computer Games with Virtual Reality 

Computer games with elements of virtual reality are something between cinema and casino. VR gaming halls use the same principle and equipment as cinema halls. The exception is the imitation of rain and wind.  

There is a lot of public interest in games that you can play at home with virtual reality glasses.

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