Drag Race UK vs The World cast finally Ru-vealed and it’s the gag of the century

Drag Race UK vs The World has finally revealed the queens vying for global drag dominance, and it’s going to be the showdown to end all showdowns.

The new All Stars spin-off sees the return of top drag talent from across the franchise including the original American Drag Race, Drag Race UK, Drag Race Holland, Canada’s Drag Race and even a host of Drag Race Thailand.

Needless to say, there’s more talent than you can shake a pair of sequinned rainbow heels at.

Fans already know which celebs will appear as special guest judges on Drag Race UK vs The World, which is set to air in February, and now the nine queens who’ll be competing for the global Drag Race crown have been revealed.

Here’s the official Drag Race UK vs The World cast.


Scarlett Harlett sashays leaves RuPaul’s Drag Race UK


Baga Chipz (UK)


The Drag Race UK season one fan-favourite is back once more to shake her stuff on the runway.

Baga Chipz came in third on her season, but she won over the hearts of so many fans with her hilarious wit and acting talent. She’s definitely one to look out for in the upcoming series.

“Last time I was an old scrubber from Soho… but since then you could say I’ve had a glow up,” Baga said. “I’m going to bring it this time! The wigs, the outfits are going to be much betta. I am ready to battle. I’m going to knock them out one by one! Baga Chipz is going to kick you right up the arse.”

Blu Hydrangea (UK)


This Irish queen may have come in fifth on Drag Race UK season one, but she’s since become the champion of the hearts.

After appearing on the show, she even got her own solo reality series on BBC – titled Stitch, Please! – which sees two different contestants create daring outfits inspired by iconic designs from around the world and pop culture.

So you know she’s going to be bringing her absolute best looks to Drag Race UK vs The World.

“Blu is no longer GCSE art project – she’s a masterpiece baby,” said Blu. “I’m here to send some bitches home”

Cheryl Hole (UK)


Rounding out the absolute powerhouse  of UK talent is Cheryl Hole. Cheryl is a legend within the drag world for her killer lip sync skills and sense of humour.

She hasn’t let her expert skills go rusty, appearing on reality TV shows, Netflix specials and even interviewing pro-wrestlers since her Drag Race UK run.

“I am the one to beat,” said Cheryl. “And I’m ready to show that I’m not mediocre anymore! This is the queen of the huns right here. I’m gonna have all the badges. I’m gonna be walking sideways because it’s so heavy because I’ve got all the badges… and I’ll be queen of the world.”

Janey Jacké (Holland)


Jacké was a runner-up on season one of Drag Race Holland, losing out to Envy Peru.

Not one to let defeat keep her down, she told Gay Times in November 2020 that an All Stars season was “calling” her name, and it seems like she was right!

“I was so close,” Janey said of Drag Race Holland. “But this time round, I’m ready, hungry and I’m feistier than ever… They think I’m just a pretty girl. But I want to break the stereotypes of what people think of the Netherlands. I’ve got it all.”

Jimbo (Canada)


Can we agree that Jimbo was absolutely slept on as the star of Canada’s Drag Race season one? She showed off completely unique, eye-catching looks week after week, and her humour was to die for.

Jimbo came in fourth on her season, but there’s every chance that she could take home the Drag Race UK vs the World crown.

Jimbo said: “I’m not afraid to be a total wacko. I do love to dance to the beat of my own
drum! I can be a clown, I can be a glamorous queen – and everything in between.”

She added: “I can’t wait to take out my sisters. I’m going to crush them with my breasts, stab them with my fingers…. And then scream at them! I have a thirst for drag blood. Make sure that you sleep with one eye open!”

Lemon (Canada)


Speaking of Canada’s Drag Race stars, who could forget Lemon? Lemon came in fifth on her season, but she’s become one of its biggest breakout stars.

Fans are still quaking at her iconic rap verse, which quickly spread like wildfire on TikTok. Hopefully, she can impress RuPaul and the other judges with her rap talents.

“On my season, I came in as a dancing queen diva and I ended up dominating in these comedy challenges,” said Lemon. “So I don’t know if you’ll remember me as a dancer or a funny gal… but guess what? I’m all of the above.”

Jujubee (US)


Jujubee is a titan of the Drag Race universe and definitely one for the queens to look out for.

She’s competed in three seasons of Drag Race – season two of the US version as well as season one and five of All Stars – and she’s been in the top three every time.

Jujubee also took park in the international drag singing competition Queen of the Universe. From singing to facing off against the toughest of judges, Jujubee is truly fearless.

“People might think I’m crazy for doing this again… But I like torture,” Jujubee said. “I’ve been everywhere and that’s because of Drag Race… There’s no way that I’m not getting to the top every single time. I am a pro at this competition. These girls can learn something from me! Ru might as well just give me the crown now.”

Mo Heart (US)


Formerly known as Monique Heart, this Drag Race veteran is here “to give you Mo Heart, Mo Love, Mo Everything”.

Mo Heart certainly stole fans’ hearts during her time on the tenth season of Drag Race, where she placed eighth.

Not one to keep her fans waiting, she returned to the werkroom once more for All Stars, where she was a runner-up alongside Naomi Smalls.

Now she’s back for a third time on Drag Race UK vs The World. Mo said: “When RuPaul gives you an opportunity baby, you’d better take it to the max. From the depths of my heart, I knew I would love to be able to do this one more time. And then I got a phone call. I took that call. And So I came. This is the biggest stage in the world.”

Pangina Heals (Thailand)


Pangina is an absolute icon of the drag scene in Thailand and has even been called the “RuPaul of Thailand”.Best known as co-host of Drag Race Thailand, now she is going to test her luck on the other side of the judges’ table.

Pangina said: “I can sing, I can dance, I can act! I am an Asian chameleon. I love serving you a different variety of drag. I’m excited to compete with the all the queens from the world – but they don’t know who I am. I am going to be the dark horse of this competition. I know what they can do, but they don’t know what I can do.”

Drag Race UK vs the World will premiere on 1 February as part of BBC Three’s return to linear TV. So fans can tun in live all across the UK or catch up later on BBC iPlayer.

The show will also be available internationally on streamer of all things drag, WOW Presents Plus.

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