Female Jewelry designers are making rings for every finger and dominating the market

“Everybody deserves some type of luxury,”

Today’s female celebrity stylists, looks for rings that are open and adjustable when dressing clients. She also keeps a running list of jewelry designers who are size inclusive. Our favorites include L’Enchanteur (sculptural, wearable talismans), Automic Gold and JLANI Jewels (eco-conscious, everyday pieces), and Poirier, a demi-fine jewelry line born out of its founder’s own frustration at the lack of size-inclusive jewelry options.

Fine jewelry uses semi-precious to precious gemstones and precious metals like gold or platinum. The larger the ring, the more precious metal is used for mothers rings, the more expensive it is to make. Every time a diamond-wrapped eternity band goes up a size, another diamond gets added and the price increases. Costume jewelry may use less expensive plated metals and imitation gems, but low margins or not, it’s still risky to make product that may not sell. It costs money to stock product for a customer who may not come; it takes time to figure out who your customers are, what they want, what they’ll spend, how to reach them.

The female jewellery designers killing it right now

And yet, an increasing number of brands have made it their priority to offer rings in a range of sizes. They know the customers are out there — and they’ve been waiting. They’re commenting on brands’ Instagram accounts, asking for the elusive size 11. They’re custom-ordering a size 13 of L’Enchanteur’s best-selling signet ring that features a phoenix taking flight. They aren’t worried whether the rings are designed for women or men. Even the term “ring finger” feels antiquated. After all, the early aughts are back in fashion; some of us would like to wear rings on our pointer fingers and our thumbs.

When Automic Gold started making rings, clients sampled a range of sizes rather than default to the jewelry industry’s narrow standard. “I didn’t know it was an industry standard because I didn’t get introduced into this from the fashion industry,”

“As a small business owner, I understand perfectly: It’s easier to make one sample than three samples. So I just make the most sampled size, technically, in my company.”

Home based teams team wear their own designs for at least two months before launch to ensure the quality is up to standards, which means Automic Gold team members — and the width of their fingers — determine the sample sizes. The company’s rings — delicate chains made of reclaimed and recyclable gold; ethically sourced precious stones embedded in simple bands; unisex designs — run from sizes 2 to 16. Mx. Sandimirova searched online for fellow size-inclusive fine jewelry brands but soon realized that Automic Gold just might be “the only fine jewelry brand in the world” that carries this vast spectrum of sizes.

We’re shining a light on the women behind some of the most popular jewellery brands out there…

Marisa Hordern of Missoma

Missoma needs no introduction, as you most likely already own a piece, or have seen one on some of your favourite celebrities and influencers, from Meghan Markle to Lucy Williams. The designer’s signature gold coin necklaces put layering back on the map, and Marisa Hordern has just launched the brand’s new fine jewellery collection.


London based jewellery brand Loveness Lee focuses on textural serendipitously. The brand exacts its inspiration from the natural formations and ancient structures of the interior of nature, science, and art. Each piece is made for you to experience the beauty and wonderment felt only when enveloped by nature. Their signature style is bold and sleek whilst remaining elegant.

Tada and Toy

This all female team was founded by best friends Tansy & Victoria. Currently operating from a kitchen table, they are still offering free next day delivery on all designs.

Louise Olsen of Dinosaur Designs

Louise Olsen, Australian co-founder of Dinosaur Designs, started the Louise Olsen collection to create pieces to challenge and step outside the Dinosaur Designs aesthetic, taking pieces in a new direction. Olsen is fascinated by balance, and the relationship between being bold and the sensitivity of the delicate, which translates in to all of her pieces having a hand-felt quality. Olsen says, “I see my pieces as compositions, as sculptures that are worn on the body or that adorn interior living spaces. I love it when I look at a piece of jewellery and it can sit as an object on a table and still communicate its essence.”

Maria Black

Maria Black founded her eponymous jewellery brand in 2010. Since then, the Copenhagen-born, Danish-Irish designer has created contemporary fine and fashion jewellery collections that are driven by the brand’s inclusive ethos, and which invite individuals to explore and embrace their individuality in fresh and creative ways. Using a combination of traditional craftmanship and modern techniques, the sculptural shapes of our precious metal designs are inspired by sources as diverse as everyday objects, people, subcultures and life moments.

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