The Most Iconic Makeup Looks of the 70s Broken Down

The ‘70s disco era was iconic, to say the least. It gave us an array of bold, groovy makeup trends that have inspired present-day makeup more than we may realize. From dreamy eyeshadow shades, dewy foundation, and sheer lips, ‘70s makeup has made a comeback – and we are all here for it! 

Luckily, achieving a ‘70s makeup look is not so difficult. Using a pastel eyeshadow palette, rosy blush, and natural lash extensions, you can channel your inner disco diva for a look that will bring out your best features and give your social media followers something to talk about. 

Keep reading to learn how to achieve seven of the most iconic make-up looks of the ‘70s. 

1. Dreamy pastel eyeshadow

It’s impossible to talk about the ‘70s without mentioning pastel eyeshadow. Statement blue lids made more than a statement at the time, and it’s a blessing to all of us that this look is coming back. Whether you prefer pink, purple, blue, or even orange, pastel eyeshadow will add a subtle, pretty pop to your look.

Achieve this look by finding a pastel palette with shades you love. Try to find one that has several shades so you can experiment with color and find the hue that complements your eyes the most. With a few strokes of an eyeshadow brush, you’ll achieve this iconic ‘70s look in no time.

2. Dramatic bottom lashes

Having long, voluminous lashes is a makeup look that has withstood the test of time. Although we now focus more on the top lashes, we can also show our bottom lashes some love by taking inspiration from the ‘70s. By using mascara on your bottom lashes, you can achieve an eye-opening look that adds a bit of dramatic flair. 

Simply add a coat of your favorite mascara to your bottom lashes. You can try using a waterproof formula to avoid any smudges. If you want to add a bit more luxe to your look, use natural eyelash extensions for your upper lashes. Once you see the result, you’ll never forget to apply mascara to your bottom lashes again!

3. Bold liner

To finish your iconic ‘70s eye, you will need to choose a bold, statement liner. The winged look will accentuate your eyes and take the look to an entirely new level. While it’s difficult to master the perfect winged liner, with a bit of practice, we are confident you can pull off the look. 

Try out a fun color like blue or purple, or stick with a classic black. With a thin point liner, you can get a precise line that will leave you feeling not just beautiful but also satisfied that you were able to draw the perfect lines. 

4. Sheer lips

While we praise bold, statement lips, in the ‘70s they went for something a bit more natural and subtle. As the focus was on the eyes during this era, it balanced the look more to go with a sheer coat of lip gloss. While it may be discreet, using sheer lip products can help your lips look moisturized and voluminous. 

Simply choose your favorite sheer gloss and apply an ample amount to your lips. You can also go for a tinted sheer lip gloss, which will add a simple burst of color. The shine will look and feel amazing, and it’s a nice break from the matte lipstick that can make your lips feel dry.

5. Flushed cheeks

Rosy cheeks will make your skin look lovely and light. Adding a hint of pink to your cheekbones will help them stand out and work magic for your complexion. With so many great blush products available, it’s never been easier to achieve this down-to-earth ‘70s style.

To achieve the look, subtly smile to bring up your cheekbones and add color to your liking. We recommend using a soft cream blush for a look that will last you throughout the day. As it melts into your skin, you will look and feel as fabulous as they did during the disco era! 

6. Dewy foundation

A dewy look is coming back, and we love it! Natural, glowing skin was celebrated in the ‘70s, and for good reason. While matte foundations give a more refined look, dewy skin will help you look effortlessly healthy and showcase your natural beauty. 

Add a lighter foundation evenly to your skin, and spice it up a bit by applying a shimmering highlighter to your cheekbones. The final look will make you feel confident and beautiful while leaving your skin feeling smooth and light. It’s the glow you’ve been dreaming of! 

Final Thoughts

We love that history repeats itself, especially when it comes to makeup. There is a reason the ‘70s are considered an iconic era, so why not take a bit of inspiration from their bold looks? Whether you incorporate all six ‘70s makeup styles into your beauty routine or opt for just a few, you will feel a new sense of beauty and confidence.  

All that’s left to do is channel your inner disco diva and try out the iconic looks!

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