4 Issues That You Can Have With Deliveries And How To Solve Them

Ordering something online is always very exciting but waiting for it to actually arrive builds excitment too, but what if you’re not happy about the delivery? You’ll no doubt discover that this is just one of the many issues that customers often face and complain about.

Below we cover some of the problems that you need to keep in mind to further improve customer satisfaction levels, these can ranging from simply implentening new measures and training programmes.

Trouble in The Warehouse

First, you need to consider whether there are problems in your warehouse. This could be an issue regardless of First, you need to consider whether there are problems in your warehouse. This could be an issue regardless of whether you are managing your own warehouse or perhaps using another company to handle your items.

The first issue that you need to think about here is health and safety. Having dedicated first aid trained staff and medical kits are vital as it’s important to respond to accidents quickly to minimize their impact and resume work as quickly as possible.

You can have your personnel or staff get trained to handle such incidents by getting them online training and certification online.

Accidents in the warehouse can cost your business thousands. You might also want to think about investing in cloud software. With the right setup here, you’ll be able to check on your warehouse even when you’re thousands of miles away. 

It’s important that your warehouse is set up with the right safety features including bespoke warehouse floors. These should be marked correctly to ensure people know where it is safe to walk.  

Heavy Costs

If you look at reviews, online, You might also find that your deliveries are costing you far too much money in your business model. This is a problem as it means you’ll need to charge your customers more too. There are a few ways to solve this problem. For instance, you can shop around the market to find the right outsourcing service to handle this aspect of your company. Alternatively, you might want to consider opting for cleaning vehicles to save on fuel costs. 

Missing Deliveries

There are a few reasons why delivery might go missing. It could point to another problem with the warehouse. Alternatively, you might find that the issue is tied to the drivers. As Amazon recently discovered, you can’t always trust drivers to be honest and reliable. Various PS5s are believed to have been stolen by Amazon delivery drivers. USPS missing packages is also a common problem faced by all. This is why you need to make sure that you vet your drivers carefully and check the reviews of a company if you are outsourcing. It’s crucial that you can trust the people handling your products.

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Late Deliveries

Late deliveries aren’t the massive problem that they seem as long as you handle them the right way. Essentially, you need to make sure that you are going to alert your customers or clients that a delivery is going to be delayed. You can do this if you invest in the right tracking solution. The best tracking services will provide your clients with the option to check in and know exactly when a product is going to be delivered. This is particularly useful during times of the year when people are anxious about getting their packages on time, like at the start of the festive season. 
We hope this helps you understand some of the key issues with deliveries and the best options if you want to tackle them head on. If you do this, then you’ll be able to keep your customers happy and ensure that you continue to deliver the service that they expect and demand.

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