5 Wrongful and Accidental Death Facts

You don’t ever want to be in a position where you need to file a wrongful death case. This is a lawsuit variety where someone you know has died, and you’re sure you can hold a particular individual or entity legally responsible.

You’re filing on the deceased person’s behalf, and while you’re doing it for the money, that’s likely not the only reason to take this action. It’s because you want the world to know what this individual or entity did. They might not admit wrongdoing, but if you can win a judgment against them, that might help you feel better to some degree and move on from this painful time.

Let’s go over a few accidental and wrongful death facts now.

There Are Many Different Wrongful Death Cases

There are also a great many possible wrongful death cases that you can file. A car, truck, or motorcycle accident could lead to you filing one if the person died as a direct result of it. You might file a medical malpractice wrongful death suit if you or your lawyer believes that you can hold a medical entity like a hospital or a doctor responsible.

For expert legal advice is it worth contacting a professional to review and persue your claim. Companies like Wrongful Death Lawyer To can support you with your wrongful death claim and they have experience dealing with difficult and complicated cases.

Workplace accidents might lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit if you believe a business entity was negligent. Product liability lawsuits can also be wrongful death suits if someone died because they used a product or ingested one.

You might also file a wrongful death lawsuit if a relative or loved one died on someone else’s property. If you can prove the owner knew about a dangerous condition but took no action to fix the issue, you have a shot at winning.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Winnings Can Cover Critical Costs

If you elect to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit or your family does on your behalf, you can use that money for all kinds of different things. For instance, you might use it to cover funeral expenses. The average funeral can easily cost several thousand dollars, including the viewing and the burial.

You might need to use the winnings for medical bills you owe on the deceased person’s behalf. You can use it to pay for future wages lost if the person was one of the household’s principal breadwinners.

You can use it for pain and suffering as well. Pain and suffering is a legal term that means compensation for the individual’s loss. You probably loved them very much, and this individual or entity who you are suing deprived you of their company.

There Are Many More Accidental Deaths than You Might Realize

Some people are not aware that in the United States, accidental death is the third-leading death cause. More than 167,000 people die annually this way. Another 39.5 million have to seek medical care because they injured themselves.

Sometimes, when you injure or kill yourself this way, you cannot hold anyone else but yourself legally liable. On many more occasions, though, you can hold someone else responsible. It’s more than likely that you or any surviving family members will want to do so for the reasons we already described.

Different People Can Potentially File Wrongful Death Lawsuits

You should know that several individuals might file a wrongful death case. The deceased person’s children might file one, or their spouse or domestic partner could as well.

A sibling or a parent might also file one. In some cases, it might even be a more distant relative, like an aunt, uncle, or cousin, if the person’s death had a direct financial impact on them.

It’s usually not possible for someone who’s not a blood or marriage relative to file a wrongful death lawsuit on someone’s behalf. For instance, if you have a friend who died tragically, you probably can’t file on their behalf since you might be sad about their death, but it didn’t impact you financially.

However, you can always talk to a lawyer to see if you can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Consulting an expert in these matters never hurts.

You Can Collect Punitive Damages

When you file a wrongful death suit, you can go after the defendant for economic and non-economic damages, but you might pursue punitive damages as well. Punitive damages punish the at-fault party.

They serve as a strong warning of what might happen to other negligent individuals or entities that attempt to do the same thing in the future. If someone dies because of another individual’s flagrant recklessness, that’s a time you can probably collect punitive damages.

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