Best Poker Movies Ever Filmed

Gambling and the art of poker have captured the imagination of millions over the past decade or so. Movies have been the source of such imaginations, where people get a glimpse of how vibrant yet adventurous the casino life could be.

Adding to that is a phenomenal and stellar cast, who have brought alive some of the gambling world’s greats. They look fierce as they sip on to their brandy and play odds against equally intimidating an opponent. Thus, there have been some gambling movies that cater to the skill of playing poker. Some of these best Gambling movies about poker make for a fun but intense watch.

Gambling Movies about Poker

Enlisted here are some of the Best Gambling Movies about poker that will bring you to the edge of your seats. 

  1. The Cincinnati Kid

It is an American drama film released in the year 1965. Although released more than 50 years ago, this movie is still one of the best movies about poker. The plot develops as a kid called Eric tries to establish himself as one of the great Poker players in the state and how he battles one of the best Poker players, known as Lancey,” The man.” The movie has several climactic points as they play the final game of poker.

  1. Molly’s Game

This is a movie based on a real-life story. It is about the life of a skier who used to play poker fervently, that too, of some of the highest bets. Released in 2017, this drama film captured the hearts of countless fans. This movie got a good reception and is one of the best poker movies of the decade.

  1. Casino Royale

This Daniel Craig and Eva Green starring movie of 2006 brings into notice the adventurous and risky side of the casino life. It is a movie of the genre action and adventure and is one of the most intense poker movies. This James Bond movie catapults as they have to stop one of the mobs from winning a high-stakes poker game.

  1. The Grand

This 2007 movie has comedy tinged along with the intensity of the World Poker Championship as Jack Farrow has to win back his inheritance in the casino form. It is a wonderful poker film with exceptional acting and tickling comedy to support it with a beautifully written script.

  1. Cold Deck

Cold Deck is a Canadian film released in 2015, having the elements of gambling and thriller. Gallo, the lead, is a gambler who experiences losses, and that too, simultaneously. He becomes bound to conform to robbery, and he does so by attempting to rob a high-stakes poker game organized by an influential and affluent man who is a banker. The movie did well in the theatres and is one of the best gambling movies about poker.


With the above-curated list of some of the famous Poker movies, you can indulge a sullen and lazy weekend into watching them and being part of a nail-biting adventure as you watch them. Want to start playing poker as a PRO?

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