7 Creative Things To Do With Your PDF Files

PDF files are one of the most widely used file formats among other digital file types. We cannot blame them— assure users the utmost security and convenience. Those of us who need to maintain the formatting of our word documents turn to convert those files. We also to maintain the integrity of our files when sharing them online. However, we cannot deny those are the only things we know about the use files. If you want to know more about using your PDF files to their fullest, this article is for you. Continue reading to know more about the things you can do with your PDF files!

  1. Edit

Surprise, surprise! It may be news for others. From what they know, you can no longer change the content of yourfile. Others go to its original word document and do the edit there before they convert it again. Turns out, you can still make changes. You can type in, edit PDF online free or any other combination of keywords along those lines. Online sites lwill welcome you with free conversion and editing services. When uploading your documents online, you need to ensure that the site you will use is secure and trusted.

  1. Convert for your Kindle

We usually find it easier to look up formats of our favorite Ebook titles online. Even when there are important documents we need to study, files go a long way. You can convert them into file types that work best on your Kindle. If you are having a hard time looking for a particular Ebook in its right formats like Mobi or epub, consider checking it out in and once you already have a file, converting it to epub or Mobi will be easy. Some Kindle models can read them just fine, so you can read files as it is, too.

  1. Convert your whiteboard notes into a more reader-friendly

Some of us, especially students, take pictures of the notes written on the whiteboard. We saved a lot of time doing this. The only downside of this is the inconvenience of reviewing your notes in your phone’s photo gallery—you cannot even highlight or add comments. Good thing, you can convert your captured notes! You can look for reliable sites and applications that can convert your photos. Some reliable sites and apps can even convert your scanned books and documents

  1. Save directly to file storing sites.

Most of us now opt to store our files online. We find that online file storing services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive is more convenient because it is accessible anytime, anywhere. Such sites are great for file sharing, too. It is also good to know that you can also save directly to these sites. With the right application, you can save on these sites.

  1. Preserve Pinterest pins.

Have you seen something you like from Pinterest? You can save it and have it wherever you go. This is convenient, especially for those who want to show their design inspirations to contractors, designers, and others. It can also be quite a nuisance to lose all your Pinterest pins. Saving it as a PDF will also be a great way to store your files, even if it is from Pinterest. Just press Ctrl + P until a printing box shows up. Select “Print” and choose “All Pages” then save!

  1. Convery Wikipedia articles.

For what it is worth, Wikipedia stills provides ample information about almost everything under the sun. Some academicians might be skeptical about Wikipedia, but it can be your best source if you want to learn about something on-the-go. You can find some Wikipedia articles to be quite informative. You can also have its articles handy by downloading them. This way, you can access the right information you need even when you are offline. Check out the navigation menu on the left side and choose the “Print/export” option. Then, choose Download as PDF. 

  1. Merge PDF files

In case it annoys you that two chapters of a single Ebook you own have been separated, you can now fix it by merging both PDF files. If you unite into one, you can look for reliable sites that can merge you can upload and apply the right options. After it processed your file, you can now download it!

Choose sites or applications wisely.

These are just some of the few things that you can work. You can go and try them all out yourself! However, you must remember to be cautious of the sites and programs you are entrusting with your files and data. Malicious elements online can use your files against you once they hack a weak site.

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