9 Best Guides to Learn Marketing on Your Own

Marketing is much more than learning how to advertise a product. It incorporates the psychology of buyers, defines what makes the brand identity, and puts digital means to good use.

Luckily, it is possible to do it on your own with the multitude of guides, books, and other resources available online. All you need is time and motivation.

Google Reviews for SEO & Local Businesses

This guide from the digital marketing agency Salon Guru, explains why reviews have become such an important ranking factor for local businesses, goes into depth about the star rating, gives lots of ideas for hours to get more google business profile reviews as well as from other places around the web, and gives strategies for responding to them effectively.

Beginner’s Guide to SEO

What is a better way to learn than listening to professionals? MOZ offers an extensive guide on all things SEO, which is fundamental for modern marketing strategy. One will find out about the basics of search engine optimization, how it works, on-site optimization, and the importance of keyword research.

There is also a lot of data on technical SEO, building authority of a website, and execution of the best practices. It is practical and has a loThe guide is neatly organized and lists all major features and uses for each tool.

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

Although one might think that they know everything about social media, there are always a lot of things to learn. The algorithms change, trends fade away, and the business use of platforms is completely different from personal usage.

This guide on MOZ’s blog is a great piece on all things about that. There are many articles there on all intricacies and specifics of particular platforms, such as building community, increasing conversions, and building a buyer’s funnel.


A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

The guide is neatly organized and lists all major features and uses for each tool.

On the other hand, time is not something that students have in abundance. There is always so much more to do for them, from side gigs to writing college assignments. And those do not come easy to everyone.

Academic writing requires excellent skills, specific knowledge, and a lot of focus. Even the smallest mistakes in formatting can compromise the grade. 

Whether you need a piece of advice, editing, or writing, the platform is ready to assist. And in the meantime, you can learn marketing with one or several of the best guides from this list.

The Most Powerful Tools for Bloggers

Blogging Wizard has this amazing post on tools that helps with making most of your content. It is a great library for those who do not know much about available options. Here, you’ll find tools for

  • ideas organization;
  • seamless writing;
  • editing and proofreading.

The Ultimate Guide to Create a Brand Identity

ColumFiveMedia is extremely helpful for both beginners and advanced marketers. In this particular piece, one can find out how to create brand identity step by step. It starts with what the brand identity is and why it is important. After that, there are ten simple steps to create a powerful identity for your business:

  • knowing foundations;
  • evaluating current identity;
  • audit of the competition;
  • visual representation;
  • writing branding brief;
  • designing logo;
  • choosing color palette;
  • selecting topography;
  • other design elements;
  • creating brand guidelines.

Overall, it is a solid text with a focus on practical tips.

Distributing Content Marketing – The Complete Guide

This one is to be found on the Oribi blog. Creating great content is not enough; it also has to reach the audience. In this long-read, one can find 11 channels that help do that. Each is described in detail, together with the specifics of every platform.

There is also a great explanation of such topics as guest posting, republishing, reverse engineering, and translating content.

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide

Digital Marketer offers an excellent guide on everything you need to know about digital marketing as a student and prospective entrepreneur. It is available for free download by entering your email address. It covers such topics as what it is about, how it works, eight strategies, and how to develop your own. You’ll be able to craft a digital advertising plan, develop a social media strategy, and implement the best practices in email marketing.

There are great insights into technical details on SEO and website analytics, as well as conversion rates and driving growth.

Marketing Psychology – The Ultimate Guide

This outstanding post was published on Medium by Sitecentre. It covers all the crucial parts of the buyer’s psychology. One of the best things about this one is that it’s well-researched and has lots of links to studies, cases, and industry data. So, you can always go to the original resources for more insights.

There are chapters on color psychology, typography, smells and scents, audience targeting, and all other subliminal tools brands might use.

Content and promotion

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  • The rise of independent entrepreneurship
  • The importance of effective marketing in the digital age

Section 1: Crafting Compelling Content

  • Understanding your target audience
  • The significance of storytelling
  • Content formats: Blogging, video, podcasts, social media
  • The power of visuals and multimedia
  • Consistency in content creation
  • Leveraging SEO and keywords

Section 2: Building a Strong Online Presence

  • Creating an engaging website
  • The role of branding and identity
  • The impact of user-generated content and testimonials
  • Social media platforms and their dynamics
  • Email marketing and building a subscriber base

Section 3: Navigating the World of Loans

  • The financial requirements of self-marketing
  • Different types of loans (personal loans, business loans, microloans)
  • Pros and cons of borrowing capital
  • Developing a business plan to secure loans
  • Managing borrowed capital wisely
  • Avoiding common loan pitfalls

Section 4: Growth Strategies

  • Leveraging loans for business growth
  • Scaling up your marketing efforts
  • Measuring ROI and effectiveness
  • Staying adaptable in a changing market

Section 5: Challenges and Pitfalls

  • Common marketing mistakes to avoid
  • Financial risks and debt management
  • Staying motivated during challenging times
  • The importance of seeking professional advice

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Content Marketing Codex

Copyblogger collected 100 articles covering all the essentials of content marketing, from basic principles and strategies to building a business. This is crucial reading for aspiring student entrepreneurs who want to bring their brand to a wider audience. One can get insights into driving traffic, conducting research on crucial factors, or creating winning content. This is an outstanding library to start from.

Social Media Success Kit

Marketo offers much more than one guide – a full kit of data one needs to nail a social media game. The kit holds a multitude of resources, from learning fundamentals to eBooks on the social media technology stack.

And there are deep dives by each major platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, and others. Also, there are webinars, infographics, studies, and worksheets.


These are the best guides to start your marketing journey. They are comprehensive and based on industry experience and research data. They also offer additional resources to read and continue learning more. Another great benefit of these texts is that they are practical and have lots of tips on how to do things and see almost immediate results.

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