Creating The Perfect Job Posting

At the most basic interpretation, a job posting is an enticing advertisement constructed by a company’s talent acquisition department to attract potential applicants to apply for desired jobs.

Recruiters post job ads on their websites and external job posting websites to attract more candidates to apply. That is why producing an attractive advertisement is the crux of a good job posting, as they result in helping recruiters hire the best candidates for the respective jobs.

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How is Job Posting divided?

A recruiter must understand the significance of all critical areas within a job posting and how they may be able to help each candidate narrow down their search for a decent job offer in accordance with their career move. 

Job title: 

Although most folks have a specific title already in their minds while searching for job opportunities, they will encounter jobs in a similar position bracket but with unclear titles. So, it is safe to say that the title will be the most attractive part of the job posting as it will instantly catch the candidate’s eyes and make them stick to reading the full job description. That is why the job poster must mention essential keywords that the job will entail. For example, they must specify if the role is a subordinate position or executive. 

The job description:

This section within the post dictates what the job position will entail for the candidate. The first and foremost attractive thing about the job position will be displayed at the beginning, and that will be the aspects of the company the candidate might be the most excited to start within the job. 

It should be a point to consider for the recruiter to draft a job description that is clear and concise so that the applicant gains a clear idea as to what the company is all about. Furthermore, the job description will contain the responsibilities that a candidate will indeed have to fulfill. 

There will be no ifs and buts, as the report will be clear and concise about the role within the job. Moreover, the description will end with the required list of qualifications for the desired candidate, if there are any. 

This is where the significant responsibilities will come in within the job description. The candidates will be informed of their day-to-day activities and responsibilities. The clearer the job responsibilities are, the faster it will be for the job poster to find candidates that best fit the job description. 

Job Location:

If the company is capable, there will be an option in the job location section of the advert to apply through multiple locations. Moreover, there will not be any rigidity as to where the relevant candidates can apply from. However, the fact that the effects of Covid 19 will also come into play regarding the job location will also vary greatly. In addition, there is always a chance that some candidates might need help to make it to the job’s office location, which is why there will be an option of keeping the job remote. This will allow the candidate to work from their homes while they keep up with the complexities of the job. 

Perks that Make Up a Successful Job Posting

Considering how the job market plummeted after the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic, there was evidence that the recruiter kept having trouble finding the best candidates for the job postings or simply could not carry the position any longer. Therefore, innovative points needed to be included within the job description that would entail better chances for the candidates if they joined the company. Moreover, a survey done by the job posting website, Glassdoor, revealed that a large population of candidates preferred and were attracted by the jobs that added certain perks to the job description. Some of those perks included the following: 

Flexible work hours: 

This was a specific perk that attracted a lot of remote and hybrid workers. So, even if the salary for the job might now be the same as with a fixed schedule, many candidates still choose jobs with flexible hours. Not only did this specific perk offer a healthy work-life balance for the candidates, but it also meant that they would be able to do the job much more smoothly if a flexible time duration was allowed. 

Medical and dental insurance: 

This perk resonates quite clearly for candidates looking for a job to help support someone in their family or someone who entirely depends on them. For example, many candidates look after a sick loved one or child requiring constant care. In that case, medical and dental insurance provided with the job description would be ideal for such candidates. So, it is essential to note that healthcare costs in many countries are astronomically high. That is why candidates who are required for this specific perk will be much more diligent in applying for the job position. 

Benefits regarding retirement: 

Compared to medical and dental perks, candidates search for retirement benefits similarly. The fact is that, similar to medical bills, the cost of retirement rises each year, which is why there was a desire to add a 401(k) to the job description. Therefore, adding perks about life insurance and retirement benefits would make the candidates feel more secure while choosing a specific job. 

Health and wellness: 

Companies do not have a complete gym within the building, but simply adding healthy snacks freely offered on the floor will do the trick. Many also provide a series of healthy retreats for the company employees to treat them for good performance throughout the month. Therefore, the job posting will look more appealing if a bit of wellness is included. 

Final thoughts: 

A job posting may also be the focal point for someone’s next career move. As they sit down to apply for jobs that may fit them best at whatever point they are in their professional lives, an accurate posting can narrow down everyone’s search for a promising future. Therefore, if recruiters want to draft accurate job postings to help the candidates further, this article is the perfect first step. 

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