How To Block iGaming Ads Completely

The gambling industry in the United Kingdom is massive. In 2017 it was a £725 million industry so you can deduce how important ads are. As you can assume, ads are available on all social media and almost on many websites. In the UK 31% of the youth reported that they saw an ad related on social media several times per week. 16% reported that they saw these ads at least once per week on social media. These are children ages 11-16. Luckily you can block these ads and today we are going to reveal how.

Blocking Ads On Google

We all use Google and as you can assume, ads are common here. Luckily you can block these as well and you will need to use a simple and straightforward process. However, it is a bit different than other platforms have so you need to pay close attention to the details and specifics. 

  1. All of you can block all the ads from a specific advertiser. To do that you will need to click on the arrow next to the ad and choose show ads from, and then turn it off. This is available for Google Maps, Search, Gmail, YouTube and so much more. It works well and it is something you may want to consider.
  2. Mute this ad is another option you can use. It is available via overlay within the ad and you will tell Google that you don’t want to see this ad and that you are not interested in similar ones either. You may need to use this method a couple of times but it will work eventually.

Blocking Ads On Twitter

Twitter is a very popular social media platform and one that billions use daily. As you can imagine, ads are common. Luckily for you, there are ways you can use to block these. There is no way to clock all ads which is normal for these platforms. Anyway, you will have to do this.

  1. Block all the tweets from a company, casino, or website that offers ads. You should see something like block@ and the name.
  2. If you want to distance yourself from an advert, simply click on Not interested in this ad. 

Blocking Ads On Facebook

The first thing you need to know here is that blocking all the ads on Facebook is not an option. It is a huge platform where thousands of international online casinos which are similar to NonGamStopBets foreign sites place their ads and search for new customers. Luckily you can affect which ads you will see. In other words, you can opt not to see ads which is the main role here. Here is a simple guide you can use.

The steps for hiding an ad

  1. In the top right corner, you can click more. This is available for all ads.
  2. Click on hide ad.
  3. You will have to follow a few steps more.

Blocking ads from an advertiser

  1. Click on more (top left corner).
  2. Choose Why am I seeing this ad?
  3. Hide all ads from this advertiser.

It is important to add that you can configure the ads you see on Facebook. The goal here is to provide instructions to the platform related to which ads you want to see or better said which things you are interested in and want to know more about. 

Ad Blockers

Here we have a more advanced solution that works on all devices and works with all websites. An interesting fact is that you can block all ads and not only ads. The goal is to install AdBlock or a similar application. This is one of many examples that can help you to focus and remove many distractions. All of these work in the same way so you can get a better idea of how to use multiple ones or use the one you like.

The first step is to install the ad blocker on your web browser. In the case of Chrome, this is an extension and it is completely free. Once installed, you are done. What this means is that the extension will block all the ads possible. The thing we must add is that some ads cannot be blocked. Some websites don’t allow you to use an ad blocker. But, these are rare and they apply to certain sites only. It is unlikely you will have to disable your ad blocker on sites such as social media platforms, websites, etc.

We must add that this solution works well and the extension will be updated on a regular basis meaning it will block even more ads. For certain ads such as pop-ups, the extension may fail to block but this happens rarely. Yes, you can use these on Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and all other platforms you like.

The Final Word

If you are not interested in or you have issues, blocking the related ads is very important. Today technologies can be both annoying and helpful and luckily now you know how to do this with a few steps and you can use these right now. For the best results, use all of the options we have revealed here and try to create a system that is extremely effective, fast, reliable, and also free. 

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