How Technologies Help With Gambling Related Issues

You already know that gambling can cause gambling addiction or similar issues. Sadly, this is not a very rare issue and it does affect many players. Today we are interested in technologies that can help with this issue. There are a few options that we would like to discuss and all of these are helpful in one way or another. If you are worried about gambling addiction, you can use all of them if you like. 

Transactional Control Services

This is the first option on the list and the one that can be appealing. The banks in the United Kingdom are now using or allowing you to use Transactional Control Service. The purpose of this technology is simple and straightforward. Basically, you can ask the bank to limit your transactions. As such, it will be impossible for you to deposit funds in an online casino. This method affects bank accounts and your cards. It is a good example of how banks can help many players. If we add that you will use these two mediums regardless of which eWallet you use, we can see the appeal.

This is not an option available at all banks. However, it is growing in popularity as we speak and more and more banks are offering it now. The goal is obvious. You will instruct your bank not to allow these transactions. When you solve your issue or when you are not worried about gambling addiction, you can remove the ban and you can use these mediums to fund the account once again. 

Self-Exclusion Limits

This is a more advanced method and the one that works best in the United Kingdom. What you will have to do is to use a self-exclusion platform such as GamStop. The goal is simple. You will create an account at GamStop. Immediately after all gambling sites that are part of the network will become unavailable to you. You can choose any duration you like. The options available are 6 months, 1 year, or even 5 years if you want the longest self-exclusion ban. After their registration there is no easy way to cancel the program, the only options available to cancel GamStop are mentioned on NonGamStopSlots and players who signed up by accident can try them. Otherwise, once the time frame expires, you can remove the ban and continue playing games.

In the United Kingdom GamStop has become the leader in this field. Many players suffering from addiction found it successful and easy to use. This works because once activated, the limit cannot be removed. What this means is that you cannot cancel the self-exclusion before it expires. You will have to wait 5 years if you have selected this option. When the ban expires, you will have to contact customer support and you will have to ask them to remove the ban. Wait 24 hours and then you can play games again.

According to the law, GamStop is mandatory to be present in all casinos and betting websites that are part of UKGC. In other words, if a casino has a UKGC licenсe, it will have to accept GamStop. This also means that casinos that don’t have a UKGC licenсe are not obligated to use GamStop. The number of accepted casinos has been growing for a long period of time and more and more casinos are now using and offering the service in question. 

Blocking Software

Technology can help you with gambling addiction in one way more. It means that you can use blocking software. There are countless options out there and each one is different. Some examples are Net nanny and Gamblock. The purpose is always the same. You will download and install the software. It will block access to gambling and betting sites immediately after. There is no way around it. You won’t be able to play games at the casinos and betting sites as long as the software is active. 

This software is also ideal for parental control. You can limit access and control it on your home computer or the smartphone of your child. In simple terms, a child will be unable to visit targeted websites. You can also instruct the software to block access to other websites that are not suitable for minors.

This option works well and it can be the most aggressive of them all. For instance, you can block access to all websites of the type and even some treading websites won’t be available anymore. Some software will use an algorithm to determine the true native or a website and block it. Other software will use a specific database with websites that are banned. 

The Final Word

As you can see technology can help you. You can use all of these 3 options if you like or choose the one that looks the most appealing and works best for you. In one way or another, you can deal with your gambling issues. You can get help and you can distance yourself from gaming. Once you are better and you are free to gamble again, you can remove these limits and play again. 

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