How to Celebrate the Small Wins in a Startup

Starting a company is a daunting endeavor and probably one of the biggest challenges you will ever take on in your life. With eight out of ten companies failing within the first year, enjoying whatever success you have as a startup is vital. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs focus on what is going wrong with their business instead of what is going right. Outstanding leadership not only involves fixing mistakes but is also about acknowledging and celebrating successes.

Companies are different, and so will be the culture within the companies. The following are several ways every startup can celebrate the small wins:

Team Trip

It is always a good idea to get to know your team personally and celebrate outside the office. One of the best ways to do that is to take your team on a trip or retreat and enjoy yourselves.

Travel is a powerful activity because it literally and figuratively puts some distance between the office and your team. The distance helps with perspective as you can look back at how far you have come to enjoy each win you have had. If you can find a great deal for a team trip, you don’t have to spend much money. The quality time you spend outside the office as a team will only make you stronger.


Gifts are an age-old way of celebrating and expressing your feelings, making it a fantastic way to celebrate small wins in a startup. As the company leader, you will be responsible for handing out the gifts that have made your company a success. There is a wide variety of gifts you can give your team, depending on their individual preferences.

The key is to know your team members well, so you know which gifts they will appreciate.

The gifts do not have to be expensive, which could cost your startup much. If the gifts are meaningful, your team will appreciate them no matter how small.


Everyone loves a party, and every time your startup enjoys a small win, you can throw a small party to commemorate the success. Parties are not only a great way to celebrate, but they are also fantastic to allow your team members to let loose and be jolly.

A spontaneous party is one of the joys of life, and every day there is a win in your business, a small party afterward will feel right. A few drinks and party favors will be enough for your team to have a good time while having a great sense of accomplishment.

Parties can be expensive, so you will have to find a way to keep them low-key to avoid exuberant expenditures. A party is more about the energy of the people in it, not how much it costs.

Have a Day Off Work

If your company is celebrating a win, it probably followed weeks or months of intense, hard work. Therefore, one way to celebrate success would be to give your team a day off work for them to rest and relax.

Studies show that employees who prioritize their rest and relaxation time are more productive than those that do not. Moreover, your team probably has other interests which they would like to explore.

A day off work will allow them to do something fun which they enjoy and there could be no better gift. Whether playing video games, sports, creating art, or listening to music, a day off is an excellent way to celebrate success.

To conclude, there are limitless ways you can celebrate your little successes. It is up to you to find creative ways to do so. The above ways are a small fraction of the ways you can celebrate small wins as a startup. Ensure you consider your team’s opinions, and you will be golden.

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