QR codes for couriers: providing real-time tracking for accurate delivery times

Logistics have become crucial in people’s daily lives at the height of the pandemic. 

People worldwide are using mobile and online shopping to have their goods delivered to them fast and to be safe amid the rising cases of the virus.

QR codes allow businesses to expand their presence and brand awareness—from customer decision to buy products from an online shop, waiting for them to get delivered, to finally receiving them at their doorsteps.

QR codes for inventory management

Inventory is the backbone of an efficient courier system and accurate delivery times.

Businesses have adopted QR codes for inventory management to streamline their logistical processes—from suppliers to warehouses to customers.

Each parcel has a corresponding QR code containing a tracking serial number to store the product description, estimated delivery date, and destination.

With QR code generators now able to create multiple unique QR codes in bulk, inventory tracking is much easier through a secure online database that can only be accessed using account credentials.

QR codes for product authentication

One of the biggest risks of online shopping is the high chance of counterfeits.

To combat this, businesses that have in-house couriers now place QR codes on items’ shipment labels to provide authentication information.

Most users will land on a website or a PDF that guarantees a certificate of authentication.

Some businesses may use QR code tracking to investigate where the item got swapped or counterfeited if the product is found fake.

This is especially helpful for precious items such as jewelry and electronics.

Different logistics companies have turned to a QR code generator with its versatile customization and trackable real-time data analytics.

QR code for cashless payments

Nowadays, most people don’t carry cash, so couriers also adopt cashless payments.

For shoppers that prefer to pay cash-on-delivery, they now have the option to pay for the product using mobile payment methods like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and more.

In other instances, cashless payments start from the online payment landing page.

Once the ‘pay order’ or ‘pay now’ button is triggered, a QR code from the preferred payment method will display on the screen.

For couriers, this results in a quicker turnover of payments that’s unlikely to be miscalculated.

QR code for real-time parcel tracking

For customers, an essential part of QR codes is tracking their parcels in real time.

Dynamic QR codes allow anyone to track the time and location of each scan on the code. This is what makes QR code tracking possible.

Couriers must fulfill their promise of fast and secure delivery amid many third-party factors, such as shipment delays, traffic, and supply shortages.

Of course, the goal is to deliver the products within the estimated delivery time.

But if factors such as these come into the part, customers can see the whereabouts of their parcel in real-time using QR code tracking numbers.

This is also useful for couriers to keep track of their pending deliveries.

Using QR codes is a suitable replacement for order numbers, which can be difficult to memorize or easily subject to typos when searching manually.

Scanning QR codes also takes almost no learning curve, and even the elderly can learn how the technology works in no time.

QR code tracking is used by the big courier names industry, such as UPS, FedEx, and Logmore, to provide more accurate information to customers.

For local couriers that want to adopt the use of QR codes, here are some ways to do so:

QR codes for customer support

Providing real-time tracking also means offering responsive customer support.

When the delivery may get delayed, couriers must be ready to respond to customer inquiries and address each problem accordingly.

A strong customer base will boost the brand credibility and encourages existing customers to repeat business and recommend it to others.

Simply place a QR code for customer support on the packaging so customers can reach out to you faster.

Upgrade courier services with QR codes for tracking

QR codes are a powerful tool for couriers to ensure the complicated logistical process runs as smoothly as possible.

Select best free QR code generator software, couriers can customize their QR codes and add logos and colors for branding. This will help them stand out from their competitors.

More importantly, it offers dynamic QR codes that facilitate easy and convenient tracking in every scan—a feature that courier services can surely use.

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