Remote Work: Peculiarities, Popular Jobs & Freelancing

2020 clearly showed that we are at the stage of transition to remote work. If earlier the employer kept everyone in the office, then with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, most employees were forced to work remotely. According to experts, about 70% of office workers will have been transferred to remote work by 2025 because it benefits the employer: the employer does not spend money on renting premises, Internet services, workplace equipment, etc.

Remote work is very popular in IT, food delivery, the legal industry, etc. Remote work is a great opportunity for people who live in small towns, where it isn’t easy to find a job. Everyone can work remotely, but it will be especially interesting and useful for women on parental leave, pensioners, or people of pre-retirement age. If earlier, people used to go abroad to make a living, they could now work in small towns for big companies located in big cities. 

A remote job is a very popular kind of job to earn additional money. Remote jobs can be different: a full-time remote job when you don’t need to commute and work from home Monday through Friday, and a weekend remote job when you only work during weekends. Weekend remote jobs are gaining popularity at the moment. If you desire to find a weekend remote job, try to visit some reputable job search websites online.

What is required to work remotely?

Large expenses fall on people’s shoulders: purchasing a computer, stationery, payment for Internet services, etc. Reliable high-speed internet is also required.

The most popular remote jobs

Call centre operator

Requirements: you must have competent speech and be friendly and diligent. You must be willing to grow and learn new things. Essential qualities should be punctuality and responsibility. A personal computer with a good internet connection must be available.


To become a tutor in one or more subjects, you need to understand how deep your knowledge in the chosen field is. Take classes only if you are confident in your abilities and can help students improve their grades. Even if you are a graduate, try to take the time to educate yourself. Make your approach to stand out from the huge number of colleagues in the industry. A special method of presenting material, a friendly attitude, and the ability to motivate should become your strengths.


A copywriter is a specialist who writes advertising texts. The profession’s popularity originated in the USA when copywriters came up with advertising slogans for companies. The easiest way to master a profession from scratch is to enrol in a course where qualified teachers will explain this profession’s basics step by step. The best copywriters in the world are curious people with different hobbies and interests. They love to travel and strive to improve their abilities in various activities. 

Apart from working as a remote worker, you can try your hand at freelancing. In that way, the earnings will not be stable. Do not be afraid to look for remote work because it allows you to earn and learn new skills. In the initial stages and without work experience, the payment will not be very high, but having gained experience, you’ll become a professional and earn a decent salary.

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