High-speed Blister Packing Machine For High Capacity Requirement Companies

New blister packaging machine manufacturers in China to introduce high-speed blister packaging machine up to 28800 per hour. It is a hi-tech blister packing equipment which has gained two advanced patented technologies and has been rewarded as the provincial scientific and technological achievement product.

Aipak Pharma, a one-stop pharmaceutical production and packaging solution expert, today announced a high-speed blister packing machine for high capacity requirement companies.This comes days after the company introduced 6 different types of blister packaging machines.

“We have developed this machine for large pharmaceutical, foodstuff or chemical companies, who have high production capacity daily as the machine can have up to 28800 per hour”, “This is a high efficient and low-cost blister packing machine,forming and punching frequency has been greatly improved by using shift gears to meet the production requirements of various blister pack sizes”.

The new high-speed blister packing machine has been developed by engineer with two advanced patented technologies. It’s punch frequency is as high as 60-160 times/minute, thus gains a high productive capacity.It has been widely used for packing tablets, capsules, food, candy and other irregular shaped objects.

Features of High-speed Blister Packaging Machine

High capacity machine:The rotary sealing mechanism continuously runs the seal, which is fast, stable, impact-free and has a good sealing effect. It has outstanding advantages compared to intermittent systems.

Intelligent PLC control system: With PLC programmable controller, stepless frequency inverter, man-machine interface, the blister packing machine obtains a high automation,which also allow you to easy control the whole production progress.

Material saving: By adoption of cross punching device,the scrap has been reduced greatly. Packing materials can be saved more than U$ 22,060 per set annually.

Wide packaging material: Most blister packaging materials can be used in this high-speed blister packaging machine, including PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/ACLAR and COC cold-formed aluminum, all of which are widely used in production.

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