Solar Panel Installation for Personal Use: Benefits, where to install and other possibilities

Who hasn’t thought about solar panels that are light and simple to install on (nearly) any building surface? The quantity of solar energy striking Earth in a single hour is larger than the amount absorbed by all of Earth’s people in a year. Obviously, we have a nearly limitless source of clean energy in the shape of solar power – the sun will not dry up for another 5 billion years. Solar energy adoption is being aided by a variety of advances from manufacturers and startups.

Photovoltaics allow for the generation of power. Solar energy is converted directly into electricity using a semiconductor material such as silicon. The solar cell is the fundamental component, and the commercial product is known as a photovoltaic panels.

Some of the best solar companies in California offer up to a 25-year warranty for solar system maintenance and roof penetration. To help you find the best offer, we suggest opting for CA Solar Group. The company cooperates with the local financial service providers ensuring every client benefits from the federal tax credits and other incentives.

Solar Panels for personal use

Solar panels are photovoltaic cell-based systems. When they come into contact with sunlight, they create direct current electricity. This may be stored in batteries or converted into useable electricity for the residence using solar inverters. Individuals are becoming increasingly interested in these panels as a consequence of their varied applications and benefits.

Best places to install the solar panels at your property

On an open ground 

It’s one of the most practical locations, especially if you have a large garden. However, keep in mind that shadows might affect the amount of power generated as well as the possible forms of plants.

As a result, purchasing this form of installation is both cost-effective and long-term. The best solar panel price can be suitable to your pocket. This is solely applicable to photovoltaic cells. The inverters and batteries have a shorter life span. Batteries lose their capacity to store electricity, and inverters can be up to 15 years old and need to be changed.

Roof top

When you have a pitched or flat roof, you have vacant space that can be readily converted into solar panels. Furthermore, the roofs have an unique clearance and orientations that are conducive to maximum electricity output.

What are the possibilities available for us with power generation?


Self-consumption refers to the production and use of electricity. The main advantage of photovoltaic systems is that they are no longer subject to fluctuating supplier pricing. As a result, it is feasible to have a self-sufficient panel installation.

Sell to the MAINS

Another potential source of revenue is the resale of its own power. There are several options available. All you need is a connection to the public grid in your installation and a discussion with the provider about the details. You can get the right price according to the Feed-In Tariff.

Store it for night or blackouts (Off-Grid)

You may store your power in addition to reselling or using it. It is enough to add batteries to its installation, which will take over during the day or at night when there is less sunlight.

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