How to unlink Facebook and Instagram

Want to unlink your Facebook and Instagram accounts?

We get it. Sometimes breakups are for the best.

You can unlink your accounts from either Facebook or Instagram. We’ll show you how to do both.

1. Open your Facebook settings

2. Scroll down to “Permissions” and select “Apps and Websites”

Tap “Apps and Websites” under “Permissions” in your settings3. Select Instagram (or whatever app/website you want to unlink)

4. Select “Remove”

5. When prompted, select “Remove” again

Hit “Remove” to unlink the selected app or website1. Open your Instagram settings

2. Select “Account” from the settings menu

Instagram account settings3. Select “Sharing to other apps”

Select “Sharing to other apps”4. Select Facebook (or whatever app you want to unlink)

Select the app you want to unlink5. Select “Unlink Account”

6. When prompted to unlink, select “Yes, I’m sure”

Poof! After you’ve completed either of the processes above, your Facebook and Instagram accounts should be unlinked.

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