What Is the Best Desktop Crypto Wallet?

A desktop cryptocurrency wallet is a digital asset storage program that you install on your computer or laptop. Compared to hardware devices, this version of the storage is more convenient for the active use of cryptocurrency, but it is inferior to web wallets and mobile applications. At the same time, desktop software is more protected from hacker attacks than wallets connected to the Internet, but less reliable than hardware storage.

How Desktop Crypto Wallet Works

To get started, you need to run the file and enter your password. Of course, you should keep your password in a safe place and take care of a backup copy of the file in case of possible emergencies.

A desktop wallet is almost ideal for a person who spends a lot of time at a computer by the nature of their work. One way or another, for some part of the time, access codes to digital assets are stored offline.

How to Choose a Desktop Wallet

Before downloading the first available program, make sure that your future storage meets these requirements:

  • It supports the coins you intend to store in it.
  • The program is easy to use.
  • It provides two-factor authentication.
  • The software developer has experience in the relevant field and a good reputation.
  • There are positive user reviews on the Internet.

List of Best Desktop Wallets

We have prepared a list of proven wallets that have already proven themselves from the best side. By comparing their functionality, it will be easier for you to choose the best desktop wallet crypto foor your purposes.


It is considered one of the best for storing cryptocurrencies. It supports over 100 different coins and is ideal for those who do not plan to limit themselves to two or three of the most popular coins. Exodus has a built-in exchange feature and you do not need to transfer your funds to another service.

Exodus is excellent in terms of security too. It provides a backup function and you have a chance to get your assets back even if something happens to your device. Even the function of restoring the original phrase is available. This wallet is quite easy to use and is often recommended for beginners.


Electrum is one of the oldest bitcoin crypto wallets. It has a very simple interface that even a novice user can quickly navigate.

This wallet has established itself as one of the safest. It does not contain any information about the user and this is a big plus. However, if you lose your key, it will be impossible to regain access to your funds.


Guarda is available in several versions: desktop, web, and mobile. The program supports several hundred coins and tokens in 40+ blockchains, as well as MasterCard and Visa cards. The exchange function is integrated into the wallet.

This wallet does not store private keys, backups, or similar information. The software is regularly updated and new functions are integrated into it.

Jaxx liberty

It is a multi-currency crypto wallet with a user-friendly interface, which is suitable for both beginners and professionals. It supports over 100 different coins with internal exchange options.

Trezor Suite

It’s not really a desktop wallet, but an app for the ease of use of Trezor hardware devices without an internet connection. Functionally, it replaces the combination of the Trezor Bridge app with the Trezor Wallet browser plugin. Since Trezor Suite does not need to use a browser when launching, this eliminates phishing attacks and other typical cyber threats.

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