Why Is Mobile Biometrics Important for E-Government Software Solutions?

There is no doubt that biometric technology will play a significant role in authentication, although it is still in the process of developing. For instance, mobile traffic overtook web traffic in 2016 for the first time ever.

The growing usage of cell phones was responsible for this. The leaders of the biometrics sector were keenly aware of this change in trend, and they seized the chance to employ mobile biometric technology for E-Governance Software Solutions

What is Mobile Biometrics?

Let’s briefly discuss what biometrics is before we go into the field of mobile biometrics. A biometric system is a technical device that uses a person’s unique characteristics to identify them. For proper operation, biometric devices require specific information on certain biological traits. You need three items in order to utilize a biometric system. A biometric scanner is the first thing you need. The data supplied by the scanner must be processed by biometric capture software, which is required second. Third, you require a biometric matching engine that can be used to store and validate any biometric data from any person.

You must go through complicated algorithms, needing expensive hardware and electricity in order to process this biometric data. Biometric data is frequently collected and matched using a laptop or a desktop PC. But what happens when you require a biometric identity while traveling or engaging in fieldwork? Can you transport a laptop with you? Because of this, M2SYS has created a mobile biometrics solution so you don’t have to worry about lugging along extra equipment. You can create a biometric device out of any smartphone or tablet with the M22SYS Mobile Biometrics Solutions Suite. 

M2SYS eGov also has flexible online and mobile apps that can be used for biometrics needs in the field.

What is e-government?

E-governance is one of the most cutting-edge efforts to develop effective governance. Currently, practically all designed, undeveloped, and emerging nations use e-governance aspects to aid in their national growth. Thus, its significance in the modern world is enormous.

In terms of dependable access to the information within government, between governments at the national, state, municipal, and local levels, and among citizens and businesses, e-governance improves transparency, accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness of the governing process. It also empowers businesses through information access and use.

M2SYS eGovernment Platform

The eGov platform, which is targeted at poor and least-developed countries, facilitates the digital transformation of government agency activities by offering technical innovation without requiring hazardous software development efforts or disclosing security risks. A no-code, AI-based system called eGov makes workflow optimization simple and gives clients access to data right at their fingertips through native applications and cloud solutions.

There are several ways that biometric technology may be used in government solutions. Biometric technology is essential to preserving high levels of security and accountability, from national ID to voter registration. With 20 years of expertise in major biometric technology projects, M2SYS offers cutting-edge biometric software solutions. The M2SYS eGov platform is necessary for the following reasons:

  1. Individualized Solutions

Any government may use M2SYS’s eGov platform since it is a fully personalized solution. The wonderful thing is that you can modify the program without knowing how to code. Simple drag and drop will immediately sync the updates with the mobile app.

  1. Quick Deployment

Working with various governmental bodies is something M2SYS has done for more than 20 years. As a result, a number of ready-to-use solutions have been produced by M2SYS.

  1. Countless applications

The ability to develop mobile applications is another flexibility provided by the eGov platform. The applications you have are no longer your only option. You don’t need to know how to code to make your own apps.

Mobile biometrics is an important part of any e-governance software solution as it provides mobility and easy access to data. If you want a live demo of mobile biometrics in action contact us today. 

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