Dakota Fanning discusses her warbrobe collection and movie roles

Dakota Fanning, a Hollywood actress, has pared down her wardrobe to “12 of the same shirts in a few different colours and the same trousers,” and she favours items with a “androgynous vibe.”

Dakota Fanning is creating her own unique look by “curating a uniform” with a “androgynous vibe.”

The ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ actress has pared down her wardrobe to “12 of the same shirts in a few different colours and the same trousers” after experimenting with various outfits and looks.

Dakota blends womenswear with menswear to accomplish her ideal look.

In a meeting she said: “As I’m getting more seasoned, I sort of need to become one of those individuals that simply has, similar to, 12 of similar shirts in a couple tones and similar pants. I’m beginning to organize more a uniform: I like truly basic, exemplary things that generally look great for any event.

“I’m excited about conservative looking shirts and pants; a little menswear hermaphroditic energy is how I’m treating days.”

Dakota – who has set up her own creation organization, Lewellen Pictures, with her entertainer sister Elle Fanning – additionally spilled on her day by day excellence system, uncovering that one thing she does each evening is have a shower to assist her with unwinding.


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The 27-year-old entertainer said: “I scrub down each night. It doesn’t need to be long or extravagant, however it’s only one thing that I do that assists me with feeling better. Something steady consistently. I figure observing consistency, it very well may be something minuscule, simply finding something that you do each day regardless furnishes me with a ton of harmony. There’s so many things we can’t handle. So observing one thing that causes you to feel great that you do each day is so significant.”

On movies she said “I really have been fortunate. I was working on the set of War of the Worlds on my 11th birthday, and that was one of my most memorable birthdays. I mean, it felt like a birthday every day, getting to make a movie with Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise on the same set, doing a pretty iconic story. That was already enough. But then my birthday was so special and so fun. Cold Stone Creamery had just come out, you know, like where they mix the ice cream on the marble slab? It was just starting to become a popular thing. It came to the set and everyone got ice cream. It was so fun! It’s something I’ll never forget.”

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