5 Podcast Trends You Can’t Ignore In 2022

Podcasts have become popular due to their easy-to-consume format for businesses and common men. People focus on podcasts to learn new development strategies for their business, further develop their marketing abilities, and get motivated by entrepreneur meetings. In addition, they’re checking out various podcast shows to hear their cherished creators, figure out how to think, or jump into complex points like self-empathy. Film Premieres in Leicester Square London

In 2022, the podcast industry is growing fast with a flurry of advertising activity and innovative changes, which is the best information for content developers and listeners alike.

Here are the top five podcast trends in 2022 that you can’t ignore.

Trend #1: More Podcast Platform Competition

For a long time, Spotify and Apple have been neck-and-neck in the podcast industry, looking for a competing for the best position. However, the most recent information from The Podcast Host shows that 46% of 12-13 years old listened to Spotify every month in the current year, while just 20% of a similar demographic listened to Apple Music.

Trend #2: More Podcasting Events and Live Streaming

In 2019, podcasts events earned more than $55 million all over the globe. These live shows bring huge audiences, hosts, and advertisers together, assisting podcasters with producing connections as the business experiences a brilliant time of its development. Podcast Movement is a community of podcasters that gives news, resources, and occasions in podcasting and sorts out such events.

These podcasts events help content creators provide the opportunity to meet and greet some fellow podcast hosts, influential speakers, and niche brands.

Trend #3: Voice Search Podcasts 

Google Podcasts is now offering their audience a voice search option. Podcast audience can now automatically transcribe their podcasts, which indicates that the episodes can easily search via keywords. And Podcast Motor suggests various tips to help rank your podcast episodes in Google. Here are a few:

  • Select your keyword for each podcast episode
  • Create each episode page 
  • Write a 300 words blog post for each episode

Trend #4: Listeners Enjoy and Accept More Ads

Although ads disrupt the client experience, still, there are fewer advertisements on podcasts than on radio or TV. Moreover, for some podcasts, ads sponsor and empower them to continue the show. Thus numerous energetic fans have acknowledged that advertisements are simply a vital part of the podcast experience.

Trend #5: Higher Marketing Budgets for Podcast Content

This brilliant audio storytelling format called podcasting has reached a spot where certain industries may not be able to again deliberately ignore its ability. Yet, for a long time, numerous organizations have remained uninvolved. Instead, they choose to stay with trusted channels like websites, online media, and email. However, many are investing in it now and creating high-quality podcast content. 

Coming years can expect more brands to ride the podcast bandwagon. Across all industries, new players may join the market, and many organizations may try different things with podcasts interestingly.

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