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Ellis C and Jack are a young, dynamic duo from Liverpool. Ellis (age 20) is the rapper whilst Jack (age 18) is the singer. Having only met in May 2013, the boys’ first song together, ‘Right to the Top,’ received the boys instant recognition for their musical talents, as their popularity now; continues to grow.

Ellis C & Jack Exclusive Interview - MarkMeets

You both met only a year ago. How exactly did you meet?
Ellis & Jack – We both went to college and studied acting but in different age groups. Then I (Jack) seen Ellis on YouTube (The Real world) and sent him a friend request on Facebook and started to plan a day to meet up to get to know Ellis better before we decided to write a song together.

Your both Scousers. What is the best thing about Liverpool?
Ellis & Jack – All the amazing people in our fan base that are from Liverpool, we can’t fault them in anyway.

Who did you listen to growing up? Who are your inspirations?
Jack – My inspiration is John Legend and has been since I was 12, he is that much of an inspiration to me and he is the reason I began singing. I also have a tattoo of his lyrics on my right forearm “I hope one day you’ll see nobody has it easy” this tattoo helps me get through the struggles of life.

Ellis – Growing up I was a real lover of Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. I learnt everything I know about dancing from the both of them just by watching videos on YouTube and copying their moves and it’s actually made me a very talented dancer, which I also put across in my music life. My inspirations in life are Chris Brown and Will Smith. Will Smith really inspires because I have watched multiple interviews of him and I always listen to his advice, it gets me through more than anyone could ever imagine also he is my favourite actor.

What were you like at school? Did you always know you wanted to go into music?
Ellis – In school I was a class clown and I felt very out of place and always found myself getting into trouble, the only lessons I enjoyed were the ones were I was moving about and using my energy for eg. P.E, dance and drama. This is how I knew I was going to end up being something in performing arts. It just feels right inside and I can’t go a day with out thinking about being a performer. But I didn’t always want to go I to music I actually started out wanting to become a break dancer, it was a good friend of mine that changed my mind one day and I will be forever grateful for that. I see myself becoming very successful as a rapper.

Jack – I went to a boarding school for naughty behaviour, not really having any sort of right direction in my life. I was quite naughty in school and didn’t like listening in class. The only thing I was really interested in was motor cross riding and singing. If there was anything to do with them two things I would change my behaviour completely, just like any normal child would. I didn’t always want to be a professional or famous singer I had a dream of being a professional motor cross rider, being honest being a famous singer never even slipped my mind in school.

Your first song you wrote together in June 2013, “Right to the top” has already had over 11,000 views on YouTube and following on from that you’ve already had an amazing response. How does that feel?
Ellis & Jack – When we wrote this song we put a lot of fun and cheekiness into it that’s were the song gets it’s catchy side, we didn’t expect to get the response we got. But when we got this response we were unbelievably happy and knew us becoming a duo was going to work out great, even though this song was supposed to be just a collaboration. Because literally within 24 hours we had every social network we were on blowing up and going crazy. It makes us feel blessed and amazing to know people love us as much as they do and if we never made “Right to the top” we wouldn’t be where we are today with our music and fans.

For your single “let’s fly high” you travelled to london to do the music video. Had you ever been to London before?
Ellis & Jack – We recorded the song “Let’s fly high” it wasn’t the music video but we absolutely loved going to London because I’d (Ellis) have never been before but I (jack) have been with my boarding school on a trip to see a musical in the west end. We are both so grateful to “Shakeaway” and have massive respect for them with the time and effort they put into perfecting our song “Let’s fly high”. This song wouldn’t be what it is without them, and we thank them for that.

MarkMeets chats with upcoming dynamic duo from Liverpool Ellis C & Jack in an Exclusive Interview.

What’s it like to suddenly have so many people recognise you? What’s the strangest fan request you’ve had so far?
Ellis & Jack – We both have always dreamed of being something big in life but never thought it would actually happen to people like us and when we started to get more recognised and gain some fans we were made up, we get excited every time something new and bigger happens to us because we know how lucky we are to have such an amazing and lovely fan base and we are so grateful that it just keeps growing. The strangest fan request (for Jack) is we were asked permission for someone to get a tattoo of our lyrics. The strangest fans request (for Ellis) is a fan asking me to go for tea at their house it made me laugh so much but I had to explain to the young girl that I’m not allowed to come to their house but we hopefully will meet one day.

You recently supported Dappy on his tour. What was that like?
Ellis & Jack – When we first found out about us supporting Dappy we were so excited as this was going to be our biggest gig we had ever performed at. It was only the 7th time we had performed on stage as a duo. Also for this gig we sold around 350 tickets online and in person which is basically our most tickets ever sold for a gig. The gig was a full house of 1200 people, and all of our fans were there, some people even travelled 4-6 hours away and camped outside the venue just to see us and to get to the front. It was the best thing we have done in our life so far and we hope to have more gigs like this and even bigger.

Who would you compare yourselves to? Who would you like to be as successful as?
Ellis & Jack – We don’t compare ourselves to anyone we want to be ourselves and hope that’s good enough for our fans. We would like to be as successful as Michael Jackson as the man was a legend and his music will always live on.

When your not busy working how do you like to spend your time?
Ellis & Jack – We both love to interact a lot with the fans as much as we can and we like to keep fit by doing workouts/going the gym and occasionally playing football but we are both massive lovers of playing the x-box especially FIFA and Call of duty.

What’s the best thing about your new found fame and what so far, do you find the hardest?
Ellis & Jack – The best thing about our new found fame is that it’s all actually happening, it’s as simple as that! We love the lifestyle and the reaction we get when fans see us! Music is our life! As we dedicate ourselves to our music 24/7 neither of us have jobs which means sometimes their is money struggles but it is all worth it with the love of our fans.

Have you got a message for your fans?
Ellis – You always have my back and show me love through everything just please keep doing that for me because thats what keeps that smile on my face everyday! I promise with all my heart that if you all keep me happy I will keep all of you happy and we will succeed together! Haha! I love you Madeds!

Jack – Even at my lowest I have felt like I have wanted to give up but I never did and look we’re it’s got me and this shows that dedication can truly pay off even if you feel like giving up!

Questions MarkMeets writer Hannah Fuller .

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