Exclusive interview with British artist Monticolombi

Monticolombi started his musical career in neo-soul/hip hop collective the Stretch Soul Club before experiencing a sudden heart attack at a young age that pushed him to start this solo project. He manifested then, that his new music would bring good energy to hip hop.

The British artist and (former Soul Stretch Gang‘s frontman) has released In The Morning with singer Lucy Debono (Video further below)

We had an exclusive chat with Monticolombi this week and here is what he had to say…

Describe your sound and style
That’s a super hard question as i think my sound varys a lot, but what i would say is that everything i’m making at the moment is about spreading joy and positivity to people. Everybody is going through really tough times at the moment and I want to make music that helps people forget their troubles, smile and have a good ol dance.

What kind of music are you listening to at the moment
Also a hard question as i listen to all sorts of music. Off the top of my head some artists that I have really been enjoying lately are knxwledge, Bvrger and Goldlink. I think that because their music follows a similar ethos as mine. It’s all music that makes you want to have a good time.

Have you had any memorable fan moments yet?
Unfortunately due to this project having started during lockdown i haven’t had many experiences with fans face to face at all, but i did receive a message from an incredible guy from tokyo who contacted me just to say how much he’s enjoying the music and its helped him through some difficult times. Which i think is genuinely amazing that my music has even reached that far and that it means something to someone.

What can we expect from you this year?
I have loads of things in the pipeline for this year. I’m currently working on a bunch of tracks with producers such as Madd3e, Steven Bamidele and Mosiah Levi. Some of these tracks also have a collection of amazing featuring artists which I’m super excited for. I’m also planning a physical release of my e.p featuring remixes of tracks by some renowned DJs and producers, which if the circumstances improve will have a group of shows for the e.p launch in the summer. Other than that, just working hard, staying positive and making good music.

Monticolombi – ‘In The Morning’ (Ft. Lucy Debono)



“In the morning if it feels right,

maybe I could hold your hand.

In the morning if it feels right,

maybe you could drop your plans.”

The happy vibes with a blend of synths, guitar and outdoor life puts you in a perfect chill mood for the day.

In early 2020, Monticolombi came to life in the first official lockdown in the UK. A quarter Italian, this rap focused solo artist has drawn upon his routes to name the project and utilises his Grandfather’s surname. Marking Montocolombi’s third release, In The Morning ft Lucy Debono is a calmly energetic single that boasts about the blurry-eyed, love-filled days of youth.

After fronting the soul and hip hop collective Soul Stretch Gang (that saw huge success when supporting Jam Baxter, The Brand New Heavies, and Norman Jay among others) for the majority of his musical life, Monticolombi was catapulted into epic change when a rare viral infection lead to a sudden heart attack at age of 22. From this, the ethos of Monticolombi was born: to promote positive energy that brings light into hip-hop. With this project, Monticolombi has already reached the likes of BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and 1Xtra who took note of his previous single that hosts an entrancing swagger, Pavement.

Monticolombi is a young creative that aims to be intentionally thought-provoking with his work. New single In the Morning is the perfect example of this type of music, whilst also celebrating the joys, rather than struggles, of modern, forward-thinking hip hop.

Written by Monticolombi & Steven Bamidele Featured Vocals by Lucy Debono Production by Steven Bamidele, mix/master by Camden Clarke.

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