5 essential fashion items you must own

It’s very easy to buy a single piece of clothing throughout our lifetimes before really thinking about our wardrobe as one piece and synching it with fashion essentials, right?

Here are 5 essential items

Do invest in your perfect pair of jeans that work with multiple outfits. One pair of amazing fitting jeans is worth more than 5 ill-fitting ones!


A good watch will last a lifetime, forget just seeing what the time is, but watches these days are more so fashion pieces too.

There are many beautiful watches to choose from at Nordgreen watches. The Danish brand has been capturing attention for its simplicity, affordability, and sustainability offering a wide range of styles across their minimalist watch range for men and women across all ages with a choice of styles and colours. You can also consider adding your own collection of a classy unique pocket watch from Dalvey’s to match up your sophisticated look in any important events

We may be living in sweatpants these days, but denim will never go out of style. The new classic is the easy jean—a slouchy, high-waisted straight leg that looks equally chic with a pair of pumps or dad sneakers

The smart shoe

Whether you are a Instagram fanatic or just like to look the part. Stay confident in your footwear and even from the early-noughties appetite for pointy, pleather winklepickers (we’re no longer hungry, by the way) to the resurgence of square-toed slip-ons, the hunt for respectable footwear can be a tricky one. You need to know what to look for. Thankfully, the recipe is simple: you just need the key elements.

“When thinking about buying a pair of smart shoes, quality is paramount,”

The striped sweater

This style never goes out of fashion and is a great hybrid top for all outfits.

You can always eear your striped sweaters with jeans and sneakers for a casual street style look. · Add some funky accessories to bring colors into the dull winter outfits.


No longer is it a sin to wear shades indoors.

A lot of personal style choice can be applied to eyewear, which people don’t always consider. If you like wearing a blue jumper, why not try a blue optical frame?

Bold, heavyweight optical styles will dominate this year alongside a resurgence of the round or Pantoscopic oval styles.

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