Exclusive interview with singer, songwriter, rapper and producer Shojon

Shojon is a singer, songwriter, rapper and producer from South East London Greenwich and we got to catch up with him at MarkMeets in am exclusive chat as he talks about his single single ‘Theroem’, his music influences, his support of Mind Charity and the year ahead.

So, what’s up Shojon?
What’s up yo! 2021 everything good is up; my work rate, confidence, skill level, bank balance and all other great things ‘UP’!

Tell us everything about your new single ‘Theorem’.
Theorem is the first release from my forthcoming EP, Greenwich Views. In which I talk about a journey with mental health from a creative perspective. The single itself took a while to complete back and forth from various studios. Was produced by Pacific out in the Netherlands and touched up by Enz out in Bromley lol. The song in all its cheesy indie pop glory, has some guitar chords that will make you catch a vibe and sing. Despite the song in happy spirits a closer look at lyrics you can tell I
depict a journey one that had darkness, confusion feelings of which we’re dealt with by accepting love.

When did you start writing music and singing?
That answers a techy one, technically when in my church choir I was learning to sing in my teens as well as remixing secular songs to gospel rap songs lol that was fun and exist on a Soundclick somewhere under a different name. As for the Shojon of today, hell bent on making emotive music, he started about 2018, a remix of a 6lack Song I then named ‘Honor’s & Comma’s’ which I cheekily played on every RTM radio show I had for 6 weeks running.

We really liked your music video and the VFX elements. What’s the concept and do you have some funny behind-the-scenes stories to share with us?
Thank you I love that you liked it and can appreciate the VFX, because blood sweat and tears went in this video, youre getting the exclusive scoop. So I guess the funny thing was I was 2 hours late to my own shoot, had to stop off at a Primark to buy socks and went to the wrong 1 st location. I
almost had a Kanye West Diva moment due to the fact casting hadn’t been run by me and I was annoyed at their choice for one of the scenes as I had specifically told them not to cast particulars and it had been ignored. So we ended up using one of the producers and a dude we found roaming around the streets to stand in. To top that off the FX initially offered by The production team I thought was basic and the edit too so I took the files and edited the rest myself with my guy James Sims. My Computer system one of many, was as usual overheating and slowing down the edit, had to place an air-condition system right in front of it to maintain a cool CPU. But I cant be
mad, life’s tests are there to challenge those who dare to achieve greatness, it’s for us to respond to the challenge overcome and grow from. Now the Theorem visual is getting the respect it deserves and was awarded Best Music Video at the London Independent Film Awards.

The single is part of a mental health awareness project and you have also commissioned a limited run of the milk chocolate ‘Shojon Bar’ in aid of Mind Charity. What a great cause. Talk a bit more about it.
That’s right, My EP ‘Greenwich Views’ which will be out later this year. As creatives especially before ‘influencer marketing’ became a ‘thing’, our mental resilience to the fact our friends and family may not support our career path. The industry we so wish to be apart of gives out rejections
like free candy. It’s disheartening, I’ve seen and experienced it take a toll on the creative. Many quit and don’t follow their dreams, not saying we’re all supposed to be world class singers and movie stars, but we should at least be able to follow our dreams even if all you want is a taste of it. Some
others after crushed dreams and a low self-worth thereof develop mental illness and that’s why I’ve chosen to raise awareness to the cause and use my Shojon Bar to do it. Working with Mind charity on the Chocolate for the Mind campaign we managed to raise over £1700 in 30 days and the feedback has been great and showed that awareness to such a cause is important to many.

Which artists are you listening to right now?
Right now I’m listening to my guys Gullypabs, Escape The Box and Kid Bookie. But aside that I have Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License on repeat that song makes me tear up different emotion in it, If I get time I’ll do an acoustic cover, see what the Shojon magic can bring out.



What was the first album you purchased?
My first album, I think it was a bootleg copy of Oxide & Neutrino – Execute. Loved those guys they really showed how you can come from and through the gutters of London to the charts. This was a motivating factor for me being in the music scene, they made me want an Avirex jacket so bad! lol

What does the rest of 2021 hold for you?
An abundance of joy, wins and success. Accolades for all involved in shaping a better world. I plan to continue raising awareness to issues close to me and my environment, really trying to make up for my use of plastic over the years. I’ve started writing some books I hope to have finished by the end of the year. A ton of music coming various styles genres and feels.

How can people find out more about you?

Feature by Mark Boardman

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