Little Mix Interview

Four piece girl group Little Mix have revealed that they get irritated when the public assume that they’re music industry ‘puppets’ because they found fame as winners of ‘The X Factor’.

Little Mix Interview
Little Mix Interview

Jade Thirlwall has revealed that she gets annoyed when people think they’re completely controlled by music mogul Simon Cowell because they have a lot of creative control:

“[People think] that we’re young and naïve. I think most people just assume we’re four little girls who are puppets of Simon Cowell – that annoys us. Because not only do we write our own music, we do everything ourselves. Simon lets us do our own thing.”

Blonde bombshell Perrie Edwards added: “People think we’re taller than we are. They think we look really big on telly. They’re like “oh you’re really tiny in real life.” And we’re like “yeah, we’re called Little Mix!””

Perrie revealed: “I cry just getting up in the morning! Especially if I’ve had a late night, it’s painful. I’ve always been like that. My mum had a frog’s life trying to get me out of bed for school. I cry every morning!’

Leigh-Anne’s a bit of a weeper too, and confessed: “I cry at movies and adverts all the time. Especially sad animal adverts – like against animal cruelty. I can’t bear it!”, while Jade commented: “The last time I cried was at Surprise Surprise. It’s such a good programme but it makes me bawl my eyes out.”

Little Mix are currently on holiday in Dubai!!!

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