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52 year-old star Matt Goss reveals his new ‘The Beautiful Unknown’ album details

The singer-songwriter and performer Matt Goss says he was “abusing his body” and mind with non-stop “entertaining”.

Matt Goss is leaving Las Vegas. After 10 years, thousands of shows and hundreds of thousands of happy concert-goers and now the Bros star has admitted the COVID-19 pandemic gave him the chance to pause and reflect, and he realised he was suppressing mental health issues by “cracking on” with four or five shows a week for a decade in the US.

Matt teamed up with Gary Barlow from Take That to do a duet during lock-down of the Bros classic number 1 hit “I Owe You Nothing”

“I think without question, I think we’ve all been forced into a place of self-reflection. And I think it’s been great at times and it’s also been extremely troubling at times, because we crack on with our lives at such a pace that we do not look left and right sometimes at the things that are distressing to us and disturbing to us, and doing four or five shows a week here for 10 years, you know, in America, and it got to a point where I felt like I was abusing my body and my life.

It was just about entertainment and making sure people felt transported, and I really wasn’t really addressing some of the things within my own life, and, I realised that this issue of mental health and everything became very, very deeply important to me.”

When my mother and father broke up, I’ve got to be honest with you, it was the best thing that ever happened in my life. I was only five at the time, but all of us became who we wanted to be. The two separate influences became much more concise, and the time we spent together actually became more meaningful.

From an early age I’ve been perplexed by why people don’t say how they feel. I think we must be encouraged to communicate. Communication is absolutely everything.

He added: “I completely detached myself from music, I had no interest in making music again. No interest in singing again.

“So it was quite an extraordinary thing, ironically, the connection that I found talking about much deeper issues, was the reason I actually ended up wanting to make a new record, and realising there were indeed people that wanted me to keep going.

I’m passionate about politics and I want to continue to fall in love with the process of diplomacy and communication, so yes, one day in 10 years’ time, if I am as passionate as I am now and I’m still on the pitch, then, politics would definitely be something I would consider.

During the past decade, there’s been an ease around me. I like people to feel they’re my equal; that we can communicate with respect. If you’re rude to me then I’m not as nice. I’m a human being. Why have I changed? It’s a little bit of everything. There’s a certain time when you hit a groove and say, ‘It’s good to be a man.’ You understand yourself.

The star also revealed: I’m not going to stop performing any time soon. By the time I’m 80, I hope they’ve discovered a cure for old age. When I do croak, I’d like to either be making love with my wife or on stage.

The Vegas singer releases his new album ‘The Beautiful Unknown’, on November 19, but admitted he had become “completely detached” from music amid the pandemic, but after he reconnected with his fans with a series of Instagram Live performances, Matt felt inspired to record new music about “deeper issues”.


Feeling High
The Joke
Soldiers Of War
Better With You
The Beautiful Unknown
Making It Rain

‘Somewhere To Fall’ is the first taste of new music from the pop icon and acts as the curtain-raiser to his forthcoming studio album ‘The Beautiful Unknown’.

‘Somewhere To Fall’ bears all the markings of a true Matt Goss classic with the star’s unmistakable vocal adding raw energy as it soars throughout, creating euphoric pop perfection. The track’s powerful, emotive lyrical impact is woven against modern, contemporary production that feels instantly anthemic and uplifting. This is a song that existing and new fans alike are going to rejoice in. ‘Somewhere To Fall’ marks a return to a genre that made Goss a household name and is a powerpop anthem that feels like a hit single in waiting.

Matt explains; “With ‘Somewhere to Fall’, I wanted to write an intelligent pop song, and I’ve disguised quite a heavy lyric within a joyous pop song. ‘Somewhere to Fall’ is about finding a safe place to rest our strength. That might be with a partner, in your home, a park bench, I don’t know where it is. But it’s somewhere for you.”

Goss will still be based some of the time in Los Angeles, his home (alongside Las Vegas) for almost three decades. But his focus looking ahead is more on working and performing in the UK, the place that rocket-powered the teenage Goss to the top of the charts, cultural phenomenon status and a headline gig at Wembley Stadium – a feat that made Goss the youngest male ever to headline the legendary venue, a record he still holds today.

“I want to go back to my people and to my world,” he concludes. “I have to get back to pop. I’m so happy to say I’ve fallen back in love with pop music, and the power of pop music. There’s no hiding that on this record.”

MarkMeets can reveal that will appear at The Bloomsbury Ballroom in central London for the evening event, which takes place the day before release.

In addition to the world premiere of the record, the bash will also feature a Q&A with the singer and a unplugged, three-song set from Matt.

“I’ve been waiting to share this… I will be doing a VERY exclusive private album listening party on November 18th at The Bloomsbury Ballroom,” announced the Somewhere to Fall singer.

“There’ll be singing, talking, a special performance & more. See you there, MG. X.”

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