Presenter Tess Daly will never quit Strictly

Vernon Kay says Tess Daly will never quit ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

Tess who presents the show with Claudia Winkleman – has been working on ‘Strictly’ since 2004 and her husband Vernon, 48, insisted she wants to keep hosting it until she is in her eighties, like former co-host Sir Bruce Forsyth. who stepped down when he was 86.

“‘Strictly’ was probably one of the first shows to embrace two women as the main anchors of a huge Saturday night entertainment show.

“We’ve seen Ant and Dec for decades double-heading a show and I don’t think two women had done that before on such a large scale. As far as prime time entertainment shows go, Claudia and Tess really broke the mould.”

And Vernon says ‘Strictly’ is like a third child to him and Tess, who have daughters Phoebe, 17, and Amber, 13, together.

He said: “Tess started the show in its infancy — its first ever series when it was just a wee baby.

“Then we had our first baby and subsequently we had Amber, so we’ve grown up with it as like a family member. It sleeps for the majority of the year, but come August, when they start prepping outfits and talking about contestants, that’s when that baby comes alive.”

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