How to start the search for the right lawyer

We’re bound to find ourselves in a legal crisis at one point in our lives, and with most people devoid of a lawyer on call, these situations can turn sticky fast. Don’t get us wrong; you don’t need a lawyer on your payroll; nevertheless, learning to find the right one when the need arises is an imperative skill. Ideally, attorneys are indispensable people to have in your corner; these professionals do more than litigate with a well-rounded legal practitioner going as far as drafting contracts, interpreting laws, negotiating, and offering legal counsel to their clients. So while you may not have a legal bone to pick, knowing how to hire the right attorney is inarguably vital.

Five strategic tips to finding the right lawyer for you

Law is a heterogeneous discipline with multiple facets; for the average Joe, this can be a difficult domain to navigate; however, legal practitioners thrive in such knotty matters. Intrinsically, hire an experienced, reputable lawyer to tackle your legal grievances is the proper fix. The question is- how do you find them? No matter, we’ve highlighted five infallible tips to help you search for the perfect attorney.

Narrow your search

With over ten types of lawyers in the field, blind diving is not an option. Start your search by nit-picking your way to legal practitioners specializing in your area of concern. What do we mean? If you’re looking to invest in real estate and need assistance with your legal paperwork, your best bet is a real estate attorney. On the other hand, clients facing criminal charges are better off turning to defense lawyers. For the senior citizen in need of estate planning and guardianship guidance, an elderly law attorney should do it. And if you’re breaking out of employment to start your own business, Brazeau Seller should set you on the right track.

Tip: You can choose to skip this sifting process by hiring a multi-practice law firm where that’ll pair you with an attorney that fits your case.

Do your homework

Now that you’ve zeroed in on the type of attorney you need, your following action is to explore the market. Reach out to your circle of friends, family, and colleagues to see if they have an attorney recommendation you could use to save you the time and hassle. Alternatively, you can choose to single-handedly do the digging by looking up reputable lawyers in your region. When taking this route, ensure you input your desired area of practice as a keyword to streamline your search; this will lead you to some of the top-rated lawyers near you. Take note of the potential legal practitioner showing up on your result page for the next phase.

Run a background check

With your list of prospective lawyers ready to go, it’s time to verify and assess your findings. Visit the lawyers’ website and profiles for screening- check out their educational background and work history, their firm’s vision and mission, client feedback, and their response to them. Star ratings are also a good measure of quality service in this case; anything less than a four-star is a red flag. Once you’ve verified the lawyers’ background and found their practice satisfactory, proceed to look them up on your local state bar for any disciplinary records, this will help weed out unsuitable candidates.

Set up a consultation

By now, you should have an excellent compilation of at least four potential lawyers; go straight to setting up a consultation meeting to discuss your case and what they could do for you. During this phase, the client airs out any questions or concerns they may have for the lawyer. Clearly state the nature of your case and watch how the lawyer responds and their prescribed solutions, as it tells a lot about their professionalism. Next, ask the lawyers about their experience with cases similar to yours. What is their success rate? Don’t forget to discuss their communication style and fees too.

Note: Ensure you note all of these details for later reference.

Enumerate the cost

For the last step, make the call on the lawyer you want to hire and get to discussing fees in detail. Find out whether your lawyer charges by the hour or a flat rate. Ensure you inquire about their acceptable mode of payment and time as well- do they expect you to pay for the services upfront, or is it permissible to gradually pay as you go? A vital tip to take note of is the detailed breakdown of the service charge to avoid any mean surprises; this will typically include the retainer, contingency, and billing fees. Bear in mind costs will vary from one lawyer to another, so quote us loosely on this.

Final thoughts

Finding the right lawyer is not a one-step dance; the process takes time, research, critical analysis, and patience. Remember, this is the person you’ll entrust your legal matters to and possibly your fate, so it’s best to go with a practitioner you’re confident in and fully trust. You should never feel rushed to make an impromptu decision when hiring a lawyer; instead, feel free to revisit and reset your search as much as you need to until you find the right one. However, if you’re working with urgency, this guideline should help you find the best lawyer for you in one shot.

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