Ed Sheeran wants to match Coldplay’s success

Ed Sheeran wants to match Coldplay’s success

The 31-year-old musician admitted he won’t feel like he has “made it” in the music industry until he is as successful as Coldplay and U2.

Despite Ed Sheeran’s net worth now at $260 Million, he said “My next milestone is … Coldplay have done 20 years, so I would love to get to 20 years in my career. I feel like that’s an achievable milestone. But it’s still quite scary because it’s a long way away.”

Ed revealed he admires U2 and Coldplay because of the sheer number of hits they have had over the course of their careers.

He explained: “I’m very young in my career compared to someone like U2 or Coldplay, but U2 and Coldplay are two acts I look at avidly.

“All of their set is going to be hits. They are never going to play a B-side that people kind of know, and it’s always going to be a very impressive show. It’s just bigger, bigger, bigger, better, better, better.”

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Meanwhile, Ed – who has daughters Lyra and Jupiter with wife Cherry Seaborn – previously revealed he plans to cut back on touring after becoming a dad.

He said: “I would hate to get to 20 years’ time and have a relationship with my kids that had suffered because I’d chosen work over them.

“I honestly think that this next tour that I’m going on, at the end of the tour, I can’t see myself going on one of them like that again.

“I want to put as much time into my kids as possible.”

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