6 Benefits of Kratom Powder You need to Know

The modern age has seen a tremendous rise in people opting for organic and natural substances. This has brought in a tendency to chose alternative medicine rather than mainstream prescribed drugs. Kratom has been one of the major groundbreaking substances to have gained popularity.

The history behind the Wonder Substance

Mitragyna speciosa, commonly known as Kratom, is an herb from the distant relatives of the coffee family from Southeast Asia. It contains certain alkaloids that give out psychotropic effects, thus, it has had its root deep in traditional medicine. Initially, natives used this herb in order to combat harsh weather as well as living conditions. With the advent of technology and knowledge, the uses and methodology of the herb have had a lot of transformations. 

This substance gave a calming effect to the consumer due to the presence of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine in the extracts of the leaves. The two ingredients bind to the opioid receptors of the brain and carry out the effect throughout the body.

The Methodology of consuming Kratom

Kratom, over the years, has been consumed in various ways which are still being followed to this day along with some new age methods. The effect of the herb may depend and vary on the process in which it is ingested. The various methods can be listed as follows:


With the technology of capsulation, the extracts of the herb are available in the form of capsules. The doses are pre-measured from manufacture depending on various user-defined factors.


The herb can also be consumed in the form of tablets or soluble food. This method is also a new age one along with pills.

  • GUM: 

Kratom is sourced, extracted, and formed into chewing gums, due to modernization. This process is a trendy one popularized by a lot of fitness freaks as well as veterans.


Tinctures are available from the extracts of Kratom along with all the others. This method is one of the stronger ones with long-lasting effects.

  • TEA:

The tea of the Kratom plant is picked by individuals by hand. They are then sourced and brewed into Tea or any sort of concoction having Kratom. This method is a popular method among body-builders and fitness enthusiasts.


The leaves of the herb are sourced and dried and are then crushed into a finer powder. This process enables the optimum extraction possible from the leaves of the herb and gives the ability to the user in controlling the dosage.


Kratom, in a lot of situations, can be crushed and smoked or can be consumed via a vaporizer.

Kratom Powder: A substance for Veteran Kratom Users

The key element to enjoy the maximum effect of Kratom is its dosage. The effect of Kratom can range from being stimulating to sedative depending just on its dosage. 

Small controlled doses from 1 gram to 5 grams can give effects live increased energy and focus, though results are subject to change depending on user-defined factors. On the other hand, Higher doses ranging from 5grams to 15 grams have the potential to give an opioid-like high while acting as a pain-relieving compound. Any dosage more than 15 grams is deemed dangerous and can incur fatal side effects. 

The Super green Malaysian Kratom Powder has to be measured and consumed according to the need of the user, unlike capsules or tablets, this powder does not come with a pre-measure consumable. Instead, the measuring has to be done manually with the risk of human error being present in this process. Due to the need for basic knowledge of doses, it is advisable for regular and veteran users of Kratom to opt for the powdered form of the herb.

Duration and Effects of Kratom Powder

The duration of effects of the Kratom powder is subject to a number of user-defined factors like,

  • AGE

Along with these factors, the effects are altered with altercations in dosage and time. It usually takes about 5 minutes to 10 minutes to take effect and lasts for 2 hours and even up to 6 hours depending on lower to higher doses respectively.

Health Benefits from Kratom Powder

  • Fights Anxiety and Stress

Constant and Overthinking can lead to anxiety disorder and excessive stress. These two are known to be the starting poles of depression. Kratom powder helps in reducing anxiety levels and keep the stress level in check.

  • Stimulates Sexual Desire

Having a happy sexual life is a way for couples to feel connected, close and healthy. Kratom powder, if incorporated into the daily diet, has the ability to increase libido which stimulates sexual desire in the user. This natural herb has the capability to boost fertility in users while increasing libido and providing a boost in energy.

  • Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a complication related to the presence of an excess amount of blood sugar in blood vessels. Failing to treat this can lead to damage of the eye as well as kidney, nerve diseases, and obesity. Kratom Powder helps to assist in diabetes management effectively. The alkaloids present in the herbal substance helps in regulating the glucose and insulin levels in the blood.

  • Manages Chronic Pain and Discomfort

Chronic Pain and Discomfort is a massive blow to the physical and mental well-being of any person. Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine bind and interact with the brain’s opioid receptor, which is responsible for pain reception.  With the help of these alkaloids and their analgesic properties, the herb numbs down the brain receptors responding to pain. Thus, the body stops perceiving pain.

  • Boosts Immunity

It is known that Kratom consists of natural antioxidants that provide a significant boost to the immunity system. It is very important to have a robust and strong immune system to lead a safe and healthy life. Incorporating Kratom in the daily diet, in the right dosage with proper time duration, helps in warding off various disease-bearing bacteria and viruses. Thus, stopping diseases, infections and slows down the sign of aging.

  • Combats Addiction

Substance addiction is a severe problem that requires constant watch and care. People suffering from addictions have an addictive pattern that creates a problem in the daily life of that person. Kratom, due to the presence of alkaloids in them, break the pattern by binding with the brain receptors. This herb has been groundbreaking in case of fighting addiction.

To sum it up, people suffering from anxiety or high-stress-related problem, along with diabetic patients, can have the required assistance needed to combat these by consuming Kratom Powder. Unlike the other prescribed drug, Kratom’s few side effects enable the users to feel relieved and opt for alternate medicines.

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