Bingo lingo for the chatroom and beyond

Bingo lingo for the chatroom and beyond

Your favourite game of Bingo can now be played wherever and whenever you like, as online Bingo takes the world by storm. But if you’re used to the social atmosphere of a classic Bingo Hall, then there is no need to fret, as the live chatroom that works alongside the online game, will give you all the friendly vibes that you’re looking for. 

If you’re ready to play the fun Bingo games that can be found online, but are bit daunted by the terms being used in the chatroom, then this guide can help you with just that. Let us explain all the slang and lingo that you need to know, to be the best guest in the Bingo chatroom! 

Bingo chatroom acronyms  and more on celebrity interviews

Let’s start with acronyms. You’ve probably used a few of these before on your mobile, as they’re quicker and easier to type than the actual words. But when playing online Bingo, there are a few of these shortened terms that you may not have used before: 

  • 1TG / 2TG — The TG stands for ‘to go’ and so 1TG means when you are one number away from a full house. Likewise, 2TG refers to when you have two numbers to cross off before you achieve a full house. 
  • AFC/ AFK — This means ‘away from computer’ or ‘away from keyboard’, but both relate to a time when you need to let your fellow players know that you need to step away for a bit. 
  • BLNT — meaning ‘better luck next time’. A polite way to commiserate any players that didn’t win this time. Maybe they (or you) will win big in the next game of Bingo. 
  • CH — this refers to the Chat Host (sometimes known as the Chat Moderator/CM). They’re a representative of the gaming site and manage the chatroom. They can answer any questions you have, as well as ensure everyone is following common courtesies when speaking in the chatroom. 
  • COI — this is mostly used by the CH as it means ‘come on in’ and is a way of welcoming new players to the chatroom. 
  • FH — this stands for Full House which we all know means when you’ve marked off all the numbers on your Bingo card. 
  • GG — this means ‘good game’ and can be directed at a winner to congratulate them, or said in appreciation of the game in general. Add an A on the end to say ‘good game all’. 
  • GL — used most commonly at the start of a game, as it means ‘good luck’ and is a great way to keep the atmosphere of the chatroom friendly. Add an A on the end to wish ‘good luck all’ or an E to say ‘good luck everyone’. This abbreviation certainly lifts everyone’s spirits. 
  • JP — this acronym is possibly the most important as it refers to jackpot prizes! And there is usually plenty to be won when playing Bingo. 
  • WDW — it’s always nice to keep the chatroom upbeat, and so you can congratulate the winner with this acronym, as it stands for ‘well done winner’. 

More Bingo chatroom terms

As well as the acronyms, there are certain terms that are specific to a Bingo chatroom that you should get to know: 

  • Chat Name — this is the name that will be shown in the chatroom when you post a message. They can be silly or funny, but shouldn’t be rude. You can also use your first name, but never include personal details such as your date of birth or postcode. 
  • Chat Game — these are the games that are played amongst those in the chatroom, and can be provided by the gaming site. Most are just for fun, but in some chat games you could win prizes. 
  • Lobby — this is the main page of the Bingo site where you can access all the games. 
  • Roomies — this is a name given to your fellow Bingo players in the chatroom. 

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