Best hairstyle tips for men in 2021

Having great hair is not just for celebrities especially when hair transplantation treatment prices start at only £3000-4000 in several parts of Europe rising all the way up to £15000 in the UK.

Having said that, here are some top styling tips and secret hacks for men to make you look the best you can be and in some cases bring your hair back to life by following some of our proven methods.

From frizzy based hair that is out of control to curly hair though just won’t budge to straight hair with no volume or boost to none or very little hair here are some vital tips to help you on your way to making you feel special and putting that spring in your step. 

  1. We recommend that you do shampoo daily in-order to get your hair in the best possible shape and always rinse straight afterwards for best results. This way your hair will not only look great no matter what style you go for but will keep it in the tip-top condition you expect too for maximum results. Look at photos of famous people’s hair-do’s on our celebrity interview pages.
  1. Take That star and singer / songwriter Gary Barlow once revealed that he did not wash his hair for a long period and for some people they claim that dirty hair is easier to style. We do recommend you re-read tip 1 is this is the case. haha. 
  2. Get Fashion ready runway hair with Velcro Rollers, these offer outstanding, long-lasting curls – just don’t forget to take the rollers out before you meet your mates unless that’s your new look.  
  3. Want unlimited sexy, messy, “Just rolled off the back” Hair waves right? Like Justin Bieber’s style, then simply grow out your hair and invest in a good mousse or putty to secure your hair in a good shape but still keep the flow of the wave. 
  4. Professional Blow Dry. Sounds simple but practise and you will get there. From a salon walk-through which you can copy to watching clips on youtube to become an expert, our fashion writer recommends you give it a try. 
  5. Bangs are simply Hot, or fringes as we call it in Europe, where the hair falls over the scalp’s front hairline to cover the forehead. This haircut is for every face shape and hair texture. Whether you are going for a blunt, subtly layered or choppy haircut. 
  6. Secret hack: Switch To matte based products If you discover that your hair is thinning. This is shown to make your hair absorb light and if pH based won’t irritate your hair so happy days. 
  7. Give Yourself An Egg Wash. Nope we’ve not tried it either but it’s full of protein and essential fats so give it a try. General rules are as follow: Use half a cup of egg whites and apply to clean but damp hair (Not too wet that it drips) then just leave it in for circa 20 minutes to work it’s magic then all you have to do it rinse the hair with cool running water to remove the mixture (A shower head is best) and also don’t forget to shampoo hair as normal and condition when required and finally pay-dry (See tip 11) further below. 
  8. Pick the right moment for a haircut and choose a style that suits your style and personality. There is no need to over-cut and if you don’t look after your hair when it becomes long it will start to lose it’s shine. 
  9. With styling, sometimes less is more so don’t feel the need to use a whole tin of spray. 
  10. Pat dry your hair and don’t rub. Sounds simple but impulsively we just want to cut corners but do set-aside a few minutes for this. It’ll prove worthwhile in the long run. 
  11. Try something new like parting to copying your favourite celebrity. There are just so many different styles but how many have you tried? 

Let’s get summer ready!! Yeah. Whether you use one or all of the above bits of advice remember it’s your body and your hair. When Elton John famously has purchased high-end toupees whilst John Travolta has chosen to embrace baldness. Where do you sit? Comment below.

Whilst hair loss is a natural occurrence and there are just so many factors that form part of this from diet and lifestyle to hereditary conditions and use over use of hair-dye but this did not stop celebs including footballer Wayne Rooney, reality tv star Calum Best to movie actor Jude Law getting replacement hair. Even Jennifer Aniston has issues with hair-loss from use of extensions so even one of the best recognised stars known for having the famous Rachel cut has anxieties too.

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