Hear’Say drop reunion plans

Hear’Say have dropped plans to reunite for their 20th anniversary after Kym Marsh’s father fell ill.

The ex ‘Popstars’ winners had been set to celebrate the milestone this year, although Myleene Klass had ruled herself out of joining Kym Marsh, Suzanne Shaw, Danny Foster and Noel Sullivan, but after their plans were hit by multiple delays because of the coronavirus pandemic and various personal issues, they have now decided to pull the plug entirely.

Kym’s dad was recently diagnosed with cancer, so she wants to spend as much time as possible with him, rather than head out on tour with the ‘Pure and Simple’ group.

“A Hear’Say reunion would be really fun but these things take a lot of planning and hard work.

“Covid put a dampener on it because they couldn’t even start thinking about putting their plans into action until restrictions eased.

“But now Kym is completely consumed with spending time with her father Dave after he was diagnosed with incurable cancer. He has to be her priority right now and the other members completely respect and understand that.

“Unfortunately for their fans it just doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Perhaps at some point in the future it could, but right now it’s off the cards.”

Kym previously revealed the group were keen to do something to mark the milestone moment they got together.

She said: “We’d like to give a little nod to the fact that it’s 20 years.

“What we’ll do, I have no idea.

“But we’d like to do something to mark the occasion – we’ll have to wait and see…

“I’ve been chatting with the guys. We haven’t spoken since Christmas, but we had a couple of Zoom calls during the Christmas period and all wished each other a Happy New Year. We all jump on the call and it’s like we’ve never been apart.”

But despite Kym’s comments, Myleene recently insisted she didn’t want to be involved in a reunion because it would be a “backwards” step.

She said: “They asked me. I told them, ‘Go forth, with my blessing.’

“Look at where we are. We are mothers of blended families and second marriages and Kym’s a granny. It’s a lifetime ago.

“If I go backwards, I won’t know who I am. I hope it works. I will be cheering the loudest.”

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