Dannii Minogue shares secret to youthful skin

The TV judge and singer Dannii Minogue who only turned 50 four days ago has revealed her “boring” regime behind the Aussie’s youthful skin.

The Australian pop star and actress has disclosed how she maintains her glowing complexion – and treats a common skin condition at the same time – after she gave up Botox, along with sister Kylie, in 2010.

Minogue admitted: “It’s obviously down to the boring things that we know are good for you – sleep, exercise, drinking water.

“I try to look after myself with regular facials. I haven’t gone much over the years, but recently I’ve definitely had to ramp that up.”
Minogue, who has a 10-year-old son Ethan with ex-boyfriend Kris Smith, also shared her struggle with “terrible” rosacea.

Affecting one in 10 people in the UK, and particularly those over the age of 30, the condition causes facial flushing and redness as well as sensitive skin and sore eyelids.

Minogue said: “I have laser treatment for it. It makes the skin so smooth and glowing and it helps with collagen [stimulation].”

She added that her youthful looks are also genetic, with dad Ronald and grandmother Millie, who turns 102 later this year, also sporting great skin.


In the same interview speaking to The Sun on Sunday’s Fabulous magazine, , the mother-of-one insisted “growing old is a privilege”, which is something she “realised” when her sister Kylie, 53, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.

She said: “If I’m around people now who are upset about getting older it just takes my breath away – like, seriously? There’s a real appreciation of life and you’ve got to celebrate it.”

Earlier this year, the star told the Mail on Sunday that she had been looking forward to reaching the half a century milestone due to her famous sibling’s heartbreaking experience.

Minogue said: “I’m always ageing myself up – I might be 49, but in my head I’m already mentally turning 50. I was always like this. I could never wait for the next birthday.”

The former The X Factor judge added: “Each year when I have a birthday I think about when my sister was very sick, and going through cancer. The doctors said we don’t know if she’s going to get through this. She’s going to have all the treatments day by day, but…

“So if anyone says, ‘Ugh, I’m getting old,’ I tell them, ‘Yeah – the lucky ones do. And it’s awesome and you’ve got to enjoy it.'”

Kylie underwent a lumpectomy and chemotherapy, before being declared cancer-free in 2006.

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