Stand up comedian Micky Flanagan reveals he will tour next year

Funnyman Micky Flanagan has said he enjoyed spending time with his family and enjoying time out: “We had a lot of success and then I decided to have a break… I love stand up and I wanted to come back to it… I really loved having a year off, two years, it was fantastic.”


On his break away from comedy Micky revealed that he will be going back on tour next year. “I’m going back out on tour. I’m really excited about it… We have to do [arenas] now because otherwise people get upset because they can’t get a ticket to the show.” And on how he is going to adapt to working hard again after his break, he said: “I’m the modern professional, I know how to carve my life up and say that’s that time, this is this time, this is when I’m going to be funny tonight and this is when I’m going to be down the pub having a burger and a pint reading the paper.”

On why he chooses to avoid social media, Micky joked it was for fear of losing his job with his opinions: “No, I drink. Because I will write something that gets me into so much trouble, I’ll be watching Newsnight or something and it’ll be ‘Right Mick, sort this out’ and in the morning I’ll wake up, no career, nothing.”

MarkMeets were told that Micky Flanagan has filmed a new six-part series for Sky 1 called The Micky Flanagan Detours. The six-part series will be shown in early 2017.

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