Why Electronic Drum Kits Are Better Than Acoustic Ones

Singer, guitar player, pianist or drums? What do you choose.

Ever wanted to be in a band or learn to play a musical instrument , then it may likely be the case that you have never before considered purchasing an electronic drum kit.

If you have used an electronic drum kit before then you will be aware that none of these stereotypes are actually true. However, for those people out there who have only ever used acoustic drum kits before, we have put together a list below that not only dispels these myths, but goes to show that electronic drum kits are actually better than the acoustic version.

Consistent Feedback, Response, And Feel

If you like to hit your drums hard, then do not be put off by an electronic drum kit, as you can still go at them like you would an acoustic set thanks to the multi triggered and highly sensitive cymbals and pads that they have. They are able to detect how much pressure was applied and respond to each and rimshot. In fact, because of how natural an electronic drum kit feels, it actually helps out beginners to get their rudiments up to scratch much faster than they would with an acoustic set. They also allow more advanced drummers to really delve into more involved and expressive drumming techniques.

Fast And Simple To Record

Whilst you can get your acoustic drum kit sounds recorded, providing you have all of the right equipment in place, it is a much faster and simpler process when doing it. This means that anyone from complete beginners through to the most experienced players have the ability to record themselves playing the drums. With the better models of electronic drum kits, they typically include a MIDI or USB port that allows for the easy moving of audio files between the drum kit and a computer device. There is no need to set up a mic, or go into a live room, and use an expensive music producer. Furthermore, you can look at the best electronic drum pad that makes recording even more simpler!

Wide And Versatile Selection Of Sounds

The problem with an acoustic drum kit is that you are forever tied down to one particular tone and sound. Whilst this is all good as long as the type of music that you play on them remains the same, but as soon as you want to play something a little different, then that is where you find out that an acoustic drum kit is a lot less versatile than an electronic drum kit. Typically, the higher end models of electronic drum kit come with a library of music stored on board them, allowing you to play everything from Led Zeppelin to The Beatles and everything in between.

Whilst these points show why electronic drum kits are so much better than the more traditional acoustic drum kits, there are actually a number of other points that we have failed to mention. This goes to show that it is a no brainer to choose an electronic drum kit over an acoustic kit.

People but an electronic drum kit for a number of reasons. The main ones being that people think they are overly complicated to use, that they are very different from acoustic ones, and that they cost way too much but are a good source of entertainment

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