14 items you need for student accommodation

As a student, it’s important to have all the necessary items for a comfortable and productive stay in your accommodation. Here are fourteen essential items you should consider bringing with you when you move into student accommodation.

  1. Bedding One of the most important things you need for your student accommodation is comfortable bedding. This includes a mattress, pillows, duvet, and sheets. Choose high-quality bedding that will help you get a good night’s sleep and keep you warm during colder months.
  2. Desk and Chair Having a desk and chair is essential for studying and completing assignments. Look for a desk that is spacious enough to hold your laptop, books, and other study materials, and a comfortable chair that supports good posture.
  3. Storage Solutions Most student accommodations have limited storage space, so it’s important to bring storage solutions with you. This can include shelves, under-bed storage boxes, and hanging organizers to keep your clothes and other items organized and tidy, like a heavy duty clothes rail.
  4. Kitchenware If you plan on cooking your meals in your accommodation, you’ll need basic kitchenware such as pots, pans, plates, and cutlery. Look for durable, affordable options that will last you throughout your studies.
  5. Laundry Essentials You’ll also need laundry essentials such as laundry detergent, a laundry basket, and clothes hangers. Consider buying a portable clothes rack if your accommodation doesn’t have a drying rack.
  6. Electronics As a student, you’ll need electronics such as a laptop or tablet, a phone, and a charger. Invest in a good-quality laptop that can handle your course requirements and software.
  7. Cleaning Supplies Keeping your accommodation clean is important for your health and wellbeing. Stock up on cleaning supplies such as disinfectant wipes, a vacuum cleaner, and a broom and dustpan.
  8. Toiletries Don’t forget to bring your toiletries such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and a towel. You may also want to consider bringing a shower caddy to keep your toiletries organized in the shared bathroom.
  9. Study Materials In addition to your laptop and textbooks, you’ll need other study materials such as pens, highlighters, and notepads. Consider investing in a good-quality printer if your accommodation doesn’t offer a printing service. Essay Writing Support – Many busy students make use of essay writing services that are available online, which can be incredibly helpful for if you find yourself falling behind. This support can include online resources, peer review sessions, or access to tutors who can provide feedback and guidance on your work.
  10. Emergency Supplies: Prepare for unexpected situations by bringing emergency supplies such as a flashlight, batteries, a basic tool kit, and a portable phone charger. These items can be incredibly useful during power outages or other emergencies.
  11. Snacks: Keep your energy levels up during study sessions by stocking up on healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, granola bars, and crackers. Having quick and nutritious snacks on hand can help you avoid unhealthy food choices when you’re busy with assignments.
  12. Entertainment: In addition to study breaks, it’s important to have entertainment options for your downtime. Bring along books, movies, or streaming subscriptions to relax and unwind after a long day of studying.
  13. Personal Care Items: Don’t forget to pack personal care items such as razors, shaving cream, feminine hygiene products, and any specific skincare products or medications you use regularly.
  14. Financial Documents: Keep your financial affairs in order by bringing important documents such as your ID, passport, student ID, bank cards, and any relevant insurance information. It’s also a good idea to have copies of important documents stored digitally or with a trusted family member for safekeeping.

In conclusion, having the right items for your student accommodation can make your studies more comfortable and productive. Be sure to invest in high-quality bedding, a desk and chair, storage solutions, kitchenware, laundry essentials, electronics, cleaning supplies, toiletries, study materials, and essay writing support to help you succeed in your studies.

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