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What Charatcers Are Similar To She-Hulk

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law shines for its fresh and hilarious take on the world of superheroes, cleverly breaking the fourth wall and inviting audiences to poke fun at it all.

Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk is perfect for the role and many are hoping to see much more of her in the MCU’s future.

Yes, SheHulk: Attorney at Law’s first episode broke the fourth wall not just for comedy but to make an important point about the power and that is why She-Hulk is so special, because she naturally had control of her new powers from the start. However, she does share some distinctive traits and signifying abilities with several other superheroes and villains from across the superhero genre. These characters in particular, from both Marvel and DC Comics, are similar to She-Hulk in important ways, and hopefully, audiences will be able to see them in live-action soon.

She-Hulk (Lyra)

Jennifer Walters isn’t even the only She-Hulk in Marvel Comics. There’s also Lyra, who was first introduced in 2008 as the daughter of Hulk and Thundra from an alternate future. Like her mother, she is a Femizon and could eventually come into play as The Fantastic Four’s story gets explored since she is more connected to them than Hulk. After that, then perhaps Lyra could be introduced.

Unlike She-Hulk and Hulk, Lyra actually gets weaker if she becomes enraged and emotional, but as long as she keeps a level head she can be quite powerful. She’d make for an interesting addition to the MCU’s Hulk family, along with She-Hulk, Korg, and hopefully Skaar and/or A-Bomb.

Red Harpy (Betty Ross)

Some people might not remember that Betty Ross is already part of the MCU, having been played by Liv Tyler, as The Incredible Hulk is often forgotten from the franchise. Nevertheless, those who do remember are eagerly waiting for the day she’d return, and get superpowers herself. Betty’s actually gone through numerous transformations including as Red She-Hulk, but her most powerful is as the Red Harpy.

Along with the abilities she shares with She-Hulk, Red Harpy can fly and has razor-sharp wings. If she was to return to the MCU, it should be as Red Harpy – mostly because the name Red She-Hulk is too derivative of an already derivative name – and she could fill the role her father might’ve played since William Hurt passed away. Some even theorize she could be the villain for Thunderbolts like The Leader and Baron Zemo.

Jessica Jones

From Marvel Comics many heroes could go toe-to-toe with She-Hulk, and one of them is her friend, Jessica Jones. Krysten Ritter played Jones in Jessica Jones and The Defenders to highly favorable reviews and now that Charlie Cox is back in a big way, many fans are hoping she can return too. Some even theorized she’d cameo in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, alongside Cox.

Interestingly, the Netflix-Marvel shows featured a powered-down Jessica Jones, grounding her to relate more with Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Along with her superstrength, and enhanced durability, she can also fly, so perhaps that could come into play should she come back to the MCU.


Interestingly, from the DC Comics side, there are more villains than heroes who are similar to She-Hulk, including Giganta. She is among Wonder Woman’s rogues gallery, growing to be a giantess to fight the Amazon and wreak havoc. Like She-Hulk, she has learned to retain her personality and intelligence upon transforming, although initially, she was just a giant and violent creature.

As such, if Wonder Woman 3 is part of the DCEU’s supposed 10-year plan, perhaps Giganta could end up being an antagonist. Alternatively, she could come into play as part of the Injustice League or Legion of Doom in a future Justice League film, working with other villains and fighting against not only Wonder Woman, but also her potential teammate Ryan Choi aka the Atom.


At this point, Titania is looking like she could be the main antagonist for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law and Jameela Jamil is perfect for the role. Although she is an influencer, and she went down quickly in their first fight at the end of the first episode, Titania is not someone to underestimate. She is She-Hulk’s greatest rival and becomes one of the physically strongest characters in the Marvel Comics universe.

After She-Hulk: Attorney at Law a logical place to expect her to feature next is Thunderbolts as a member of the team along with Yelena Belova, US Agent, and Red Guardian. Interestingly, this could also help her transition from villain to anti-hero as she’s done in the comics.

Lady Shazam (Mary Bromfield)

While Jennifer Walter’s transformation is biological and Mary Bromfield’s is magical, they have more similarities than differences. Mary becomes known as Mary Marvel – although because of rebranding she’ll probably be better known as Lady Shazam. In the DCEU she’s played by Grace Caroline Currey and will seemingly have a more prominent role in Shazam! Fury Of The Gods.

Mary is different from the rest of the Shazam family because, for a time, she falls under the influence of evil minds, such as Darkseid and Granny Goodness, and she becomes a member of the Female Furies. Viewers were going to be gifted with that storyline in the fifth season of Young Justice, but that was tragically canceled. Perhaps it will make its way into the DCEU down the line.

Geiger (Delilah Dearborn)

It’s a shame that The Incredible Hulk has been abandoned as the black sheep of the MCU because it introduced some important characters fans would love to see again. Beyond Betty Ross or Samuel Sterns, there’s also Leonard Samson, played by Modern Family’s Ty Burrell. In the comics, he’s known as Doc Samson, and upon gaining his powers, he becomes a supporting character to Hulk. His female counterpart is Delilah “Dee Dee” Dearborn, who takes up the moniker, Geiger.

She was also mutated by gamma radiation, transforming into a giant green monster, but she eventually retained her human body. Her powers are quite interesting as she can mimic the abilities and personalities of other gamma mutates, meaning she’d behave differently around She-Hulk, Hulk, and Abomination, swaying from hero to villain depending on their intentions.

Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)

Wonder Woman is a logical heroic contemporary to She-Hulk from DC Comics, as are her protégés, the Wonder Girls. From Donna Troy, Cassie Sandsmark, and Yara Flor, Cassie has the best case going. She is a demigoddess and granddaughter of Zeus, possessing the same Amazonian abilities and weapons as her mentor.

However, what sets her apart is that she’s sometimes overcome by her rage and a pact with her uncle Ares enhanced her powers in exchange for her being his champion on Earth. She was a prominent figure in Young Justice, and could eventually feature in the DCEU, although they’d likely go with Donna Troy as Wonder Girl first though.

Molly Hayes

She-Hulk has some tough competition for the title of strongest female hero including Captain Marvel, Rogue, and a young hero known as Molly Hayes. She might be better known to TV viewers as Molly Hayes Hernandez as played by Allegra Acosta in Runaways. With her teammates and other heroes from before the rise of Disney+, Molly is someone fans would like to see reincorporated into the MCU.

She is a mutant, developing impressive superhuman strength and invulnerability and clearly becoming the Runaways’ muscle. Her powers do take a lot out of her, often leading to fatigue and lethargy, but if she’s given an energy boost, she can be a very formidable foe and someone the good guys would want on their side.


Another DC Comics villain similar to She-Hulk comes from Superman’s rogues gallery, Rampage. Dr. Kitty Faulkner was simply working to find a safe and renewable energy source when her experiment when wrong, transforming her into a large, enraged, and destructive being known as Rampage. She isn’t truly a villain, like Giganta or another comparable Wonder Woman villain, Devastation – rather her impulses and powers are uncontrollable and Rampage can’t help but go on a rampage.

Her powers come from absorbing solar energy and radiation, but when that dissipates, she transforms back to Kitty Faulkner. She recently made her live-action debut in Superman & Lois, being played by Catherine Lough Haggquist and until the DCEU gets Superman right, that will likely be it for Rampage for a while.


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