11 funny Ant and Dec moments over the years!

Cheeky Geordie pair Ant and Dec have been on our TV screens for decades, from PJ & Duncan, to presenting with Cat Deely on SMTV, and now providing endless humour hosting I’m A Celeb.

We’ve watched Ant and Dec grow up together throughout the years – but they’re still the dynamic duo we’ve always loved, and that will never change! Whether it’s the adventures and escapades they get up to on TV, hilarious outtakes, or unforgettable performances, these are some of our favourite (and hilarious) Ant and Dec moments…(there are almost too many to choose from!)

1) Who remembers It’ll Be Alright On The Night? Even these TV legends mess up on their lines sometimes, and need to go for another take (or two, or three, or four….) 

2) We couldn’t stop laughing that time Dec tripped up live on TV during an intro to ‘I’m A Celebrity’

3) When just a sneeze was enough to send both these cheeky chaps into hysterics…

4) Back in the day when the boys presented SMTV, Dec just couldn’t keep his composure after Ant’s ‘farmer’ impression…

5) Ant and Dec have met a whole host of celebrities during their time on TV, but this unforgettable performance with pop star Robbie Williams has got to be one of our favourites!

6) Back to where it all began – Byker Grove! Ant and Dec may not have hit it off right away when they met on set, but this is the episode where you could really see the friendship between Ant & Dec blossoming in their roles as PJ and Duncan…

7) Probably one of their funniest ever sketches, who remembers when they created a spoof of hit show ‘Friends’ for SMTV?!

8) When the troublesome twosome hosted the Brit Awards in 2015 no celeb (no matter how rich or famous) was safe from their jibes and jokes….

Ant-and-Dec-Brit-Awards-2015 9) The boys have become expert pranksters throughout their careers – especially on their hit TV show Saturday Night Takeaway. They’re up for pranking anyone – even their own big boss from Britain’s Got Talent – Simon Cowell! We’re not sure exactly how Simon fell for these terrible disguises but we’re so glad he did – the results are hilarious!

10) On Dec’s wedding day, Ant was the one who made sure his best friend made it to the church on time! We love the matching suits guys…

Ant-and-Dec-Decs-weddng11) Proving they’ve got hearts of gold, after Ant and Dec performed their 1994 PJ and Duncan single ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’ on Saturday Night Takeaway and saw it shoot to No.1 in the charts, the humble lads donated all of their profits to charity <3

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