Ben Stiller’s still finds his Blue Steel pose humorous

Ben Stiller’s phoney pose amusing

Comedy actor Ben Stiller was super intimidated when he walked in a Valentino fashion show, but knew he would never get the chance to again so he “went for it”.

Ben Stiller is fully aware he “looks like an ass” when he pulls his Zoolander Blue Steel pose.

The American actor returns to the big screen as male model Derek Zoolander in the sequel to the popular 2001 comedy movie, with Owen Wilson also reprising his role as rival fashion star Hansel. Ben has perfected his pout once more, and it’s just as humorous as it was the first time around.

“Blue Steel is the face I pull when I look in the mirror if I’m brushing my hair or whatever,” he told Britain’s OK! magazine. “It’s that face you think you should pull, or that you pull when you’re posing and thinking, ‘I look great.’ Really, you look like an ass.”

His comeback has been so hyped that even fashion house Valentino has supported it, with designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli inviting Ben and Owen on to the catwalk in 2015. Ben never anticipated they would agree to such a big appearance, but is glad they did.

“They had such a sense of humour about themselves,” he smiled. “When we did it, I was incredibly intimidated. But hey, it’s not like I was going to get the chance to do this for real. So I just went for it. And afterwards, I felt like we’d won the Super Bowl (American football event).”

Ben looks just as youthful in the new movie as he did 15 years ago, with his hair thicker than ever and barely a wrinkle in sight.

“Well, I can’t hear that enough,” he laughed when quizzed on what his secret to avoiding ageing is. “I’m all about the vampire facial – you know, the one where the blood is all over your face!”.

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