A Rush Of Laughter – Ignacio Lopez: El Comico Review

Rating 5/5

IGNACIO Lopez brings you El Comico, a show about everything including the pandemic, never fitting in, and how a rock can truly be anything.

The comic is of Spanish, Moroccan, Welsh and Irish heritage, but still found trouble fitting in as a kid.

Like how his father failed spectacularly at making Ignacio’s first packed Lunch whilst living in Wales.

Lopez talks a lot about British stereotypes, which might be taken as bitterness and dislike for our heavy drinking, union jack emblazed clothing and well, even more drinking.

But as much as you don’t want to laugh at our own stereotypes, you just can’t help it, because they are true.

Listen to stories about the teenage ritual of hanging outside asking strangers that look old enough and dodgy but not dodgy enough to go in and get you booze.

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He goes on to talk about all different stereotypes, school trips, working on cruise ships and even good old Faulty Towers.

Lopez is charming and charismatic as he delivers a hilarious show that captures the crowd’s attention for the whole hour.

The show is packed with lots of jokes, sarcasm and even a few songs, and will have you leaving with a smile on your face.

But please, learn how to pronounce “Paella” properly before attending his show.

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