5 Advantages Of Microcement

Microcement has become a popular alternative to polished concrete as it has opened up new doors for interior design. Designers and builders both love working with this highly advantageous material. But, what it is about microcement that has allowed for such high praise within the industry? Here are 5 reasons why people love it and why you should consider purchasing from a Microcement Supplier.

1) It is really easy to use.

Microcement requires just a thin coating on pre-existing material to give the impression of a more industrial concrete surface. You can add a 2mm thick layer over wood, tiles, and walls to give a whole new aesthetic in very little time. This means no wasted time or mess removing current elements of the home and much faster renovation. It goes on smoothly by hand with minimal effort too. 

2) It is perfect for industrial-style kitchen floors.

In the past, you may have considered polished concrete for large areas like floors. However, these require a lot of work to get them set and looking perfect. A badly laid concrete floor may also be susceptible to moisture damage. Microcement is much easier to use and provides a nice clean surface. It is also a great choice for matching surfaces in the room, such as covering over old tiles. 

3) It is an ideal alternative to tiling in modern bathrooms.

Tiles can be nice for a while but soon lose their visual appeal. A big reason for this is the grout between the tiles rather than the ceramic. These borders are prone to dirt, discoloration, cracking, and mold. The best way to avoid this is to have a completely flat microcement surface instead. You get a much more contemporary look in a modern build. A bonus here is that the dried microcement is 100% waterproof too. 

4) There are lots of finishes to choose from.

The term cement may make you think of the rough grey material in stark exterior landscaping. It isn’t particularly pretty. But that isn’t the case with microcement. Here, companies have perfected different textures, so you can go for a more natural grain for those industrial-themed interiors or something smoother. Furthermore, most brands also have multiple color choices. You still make the most of cool tones, perhaps with a hint of blue or purple, but there are warmer options too. 

5) It stays in great condition for a long time.

When applied with care and a good sealant, these microcement surfaces should be highly durable. You may even find they last over 50 years. This is a surprise considering the ease of application and thin layer, but it is just that strong. It shouldn’t need too much maintenance during this time either. 

Consider Microcement For Your Next Project. 

As you can see, there are many benefits in choosing this smooth coating over polished concrete. You can transform the look of your home with ease by applying different colors and finishes to surfaces across the property. When handled well, it should look stunning and stay that way for a long time. 

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